Dear Friends.

What follows below are some emails that I sent to family and friends while on my last trip in Costa Rica.  A month long delicious journey with many wonderful experiences.  I´d like to share them with you for I firmly believe that Costa Rica offers you some fascinating and incredible opportunities, vacationing, part or full time living along with a tremendous amount of inspiring experiences.  As for me, I plan to construct a retreat center on 8 acres of great beauty overlooking a gigantic valley along with ocean views.  And probably creating another retreat space for seekers.  Instituto Libre de Espiritualidad Universal.  What fun and what joy!  So I hope you enjoy my adventure.  If interested in more info, visit and, on left side, click onto Costa Rica Retreat and Community.  Also, where I am creating a DIRECTORY for the planet to review.

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Howdy Folks.


After my bodywork with Carlos . . .VERY delicious ... Fanny, the cabinas owner, threw a dinner party for all of us because Quint was headed back to the States the next day. A REAL feast!  The next day found me on our property cutting down trees and sprucing up all the other trees, with Javier, a local wonderful farmer type. I learned a lot about trees, fruits, and the growing seasons here.  BUT the breeze was magnificent and it was good doing HARD work again. Really pooped at the end of the day but managed to put in another three hours finalizing the center's plans.  Today Dennis, Lee and I went to San Isidro for business, lunch and to meet with the engineer-architect to talk about the rough plans for porch and house.  Wonderful man!  We meet next Friday to see what he has come up with.


We also went to the lumber yard to check out floor and inside roof wood materials and then to another roof store to decide on the roof materials and colors. I took some phots of the men working in the mill ...fascinating.


I also learned that the local hospital is good but the ones in San Jose are GREAT.  Folks come from the USA for surgery.  Much cheaper and good quality.  Even got my eyeglasses fixed for $4 ...$100 in the States.  The good meals in restaurants cost $4.50, tip included.  I love this place.  Weather still nicely warm and cool breezes at night.  I have met so many Americans who say that they do not want to return!!!!


Talk soon.  Ken


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Howdy Folks.  Just a few short notes.  I just spent two hours in a nursery getting the names of fruit trees, plants, medicinal plants, ornamentals along with their prices.  What a ball!!  Finally creating our little piece of paradise in the larger paradise of Costa Rica.  Javier, a local farmer, will do the planting and water them till the rainy season, in some dates of April.  Javier and I will also walk down the other 4 acres that slope toward the river, possibly mapping out a sendero (a snake like path) downhill.  I can’t wait to see what may emerge down there.

John Chapman, the owner of much land, including the Diamante Verde waterfalls, who belongs to about 7 different communities, came over to visit me last night, seeking some Gestalt work.  He’s working through some stuff so as to not impede the next phase in his vision, with mucho dinero from some investors from Brooklyn. I get the feeling that he wants me to be involved.  We’ll see.

Tomorrow is the farmer’s market in San Isidro where many gringos meet up and buy much local grown produce.

This Sunday I have been invited to give a lecture-demonstration to the Science and Philosophy Club of Lagunas.  I’ll meet many new neighbors through this event and the topic: What is difference between consciousness and mind-brain? Right up my alley.  Think I’ll do a deep relaxation with incubation process, followed by an awareness circle.

Hopefully this Friday the engineer-architect will have a copy of the first draft of the retreat center along with the price of the construction. Meanwhile I’m planning to go to a hot springs location not too far away to relax and release:  Expensive:  $5 per day.

More to come.  Hope the USA has stopped its downward spiral. 

It’s so GREAT to just BE!  Really enjoying the slowed down life style and the sheer beauty of Cost Rica.


PS Check out our new website: 


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Howdy Folks,

Well I though that that I had  seen it all.  But yesterday a new friend Michael introduced me to something absolutely INCREDIBLE!   He told me about another community but it would require a long hike in the Valley de los tombos.  It seems that it is also known as Hippie valley because over 40 different hippies and at least 4 different communities are thriving there.

Anyway, we walk quite a distance and then get picked up in an ambulance going our way. . .these are really friendly ticos (locals).  Then Michael shows me a mountain top that looks twice the height of the walk by the Hudson River where the boulders are.  So, off we go,  Thank god they put in rough steps all the way to the top.  Magnificent views all along the way.  I had to stop frequently to catch my breath and make sure my heart could take it.  But after two hours climbing up an 80% grade, 80% GRADE, we reached the top.  We arrived at Diamante Verde, Cathedral de Piedras, (the Cathedral of Stones) un sanctuario espiritual.  You MUST see the photos.  A huge very long cave craved out in the rocks where a small community could live, with a gigantic waterfall flowing over part of the entrance. Then a longer hike down and up to another 400 foot waterfall where we went swimming in the nude.  How delicious.  Too bad all the young women were not there.

click on the images to enlarge

Their structures were breathtaking and they have planted many fruit trees and veggies.  Another paradise within the paradise of Costa Rica.  Finally had to return and walk down that steep mountain stairway. I now realize that I need two hip replacements, followed by two knee operations and a new heart. Today I am recovering from that GREAT trip, getting a bodywork session with my buddy Carlos, one of the world’s best bodyworkers.

Much more to relate but Carlos expects me more to come.  PURA VITA.   Love to all, Zen


* * *


Howdy Folks.  I cannot remember what I last wrote or when.  So here goes.  Been very busy doing many chores, business, pleasure, and more.

So starting with Saturday.  Two friends and I headed over to our property at Lagunas del Baru.  Javier, a local farmer, lead us on a tour of the 5 acres below our level area where we will build. FOR THREE HOURS WE WALKED DOWN SOME WILD PATHS and into primary forest!!   I thought I would fall down into some deep ravines inside our boundaries.  A wild, wild walk.  This area was far beyond my greatest expectations.  At one moment, after a clear opening onto the valley floor, I once again had a ten minute burst of crying for such a gift from  ? for all my prior work in the awaking process.  I asked  Javier if he and some young guys could make a snake-like sendero--path--up from the bottom to the top, about 1,000 feet!  Steps could be put in and possibly some interesting structures.  What a discovery!  What joy!  Plenty of work and projects to make life interesting in January and February from here onward.

Then we cleaned up the banana trees and pineapple plants and studied all the types of fruit and other trees on the property.  THE SUN WAS BRIGHT AND HOT BUT THE BREEZES WERE VERY COOLING. Back to home base at Fannys and a good long nap.  Then prepared my talk the next day.

Sunday.  I went to Dennis and Lee’s house where five other couples met and from 10-3 we had a ball.  I led everyone in a deep relaxation --incubation process--and then presented some thoughts on the difference between ego and consciousness.  An in-depth discussion followed, with some good debates.  A grand time was had by all.  These will all be my neighbors in the future.  After this I headed to Dominical, the beach town, in order to inspect about 6 hotels, beach places, and restaurants for future visits  by my wonderful wife, family and friends or other guests.

Monday  Headed over to the property again to tour ALL of Dennis’s 75 acre farm, especially his 10 lots.  Lot 10 would be a great Center lot--but we’ll see.  Met up with Peter and Ananda, the folks who sold  us our parcel, to see what progress they made on their property.  And MUCH progress did I see.  How good that they love their parcel and are making it look spectacular.
We then went to the beach to swim and eat out.  The local food is really tasty and inexpensive--a $25 meal for $11.  I just had lunch--a big one--for $2.50.

Tuesday.  Over to San Isidro for some bank business, internet, and to visit with Carol who has a healing center.  She has literally created a garden of Eden for herself and rents out a room or two for $50 per night.

Tomorrow: we are going up the Rivas valley to the hot springs and then climb some distance into Chirripo (the tallest mountain in CR).  More of that later.
Later in the week Bill and I will visit Steve Corwin (vida natural) to discuss building with bamboo. Maybe a rancho or gazebo.  Bill wants to learn bamboo construction in order to start a bamboo construction company.  We’ll see.  Much more to share--with photos when I return--but must run now.  I am liking this slowed down life more and more every day.  And the weather is absolutely perfect.

Be well, all.  And come to Costa Rica for a visit.   Zen


* * *


Howdy Folks

Since I last sent an email more wonderful events have occurred.  At the moment I am at the Buena Vista Hotel in Alajuela, one of my favorite spots. I leave today at 12 20 pm headed back to Newark.  My good friend John will pick me up and I can’t wait to see him.

A quick review of the last three days.  Sunday found me totally relaxing at Fannys, reading more of Osho and writing another poem titled “Techniques” which I will post soon and send you a copy.  I realized that day that I want to write more while in CR.
What a great place to meditate and write!!  Nothing like the energy of CR to inspire one.


Monday and Tuesday found me doing much business in San Isidro, still trying to open a bank account, personal and corporate, going over the house plans again while modifying them with the architect engineer, meeting up with Dennis, my builder and good friend about contracts, costs, future developments, especially bamboo construction.  Bamboo construction is the wave of the future down here and I´d like to buy up a few thousand acres and start up a bamboo growing company.  It takes about 3 to 4 years for them to mature.  Anyway check out and  This gradual bamboo is the best type for building purposes.  fascinating photos and descriptions of furniture and houses.

Wednesday, my last day in San Isidro.  More time with the architect, bank and then to the nursery where I bought 24, Yes 24 different fruit trees for only $125.  Javier will plant and water them until the rains start up again.  So by next year we will have a garden of delight.  While there I also checked out the incredible number of flowers and plants for next year once the construction is finished. What joy doing all this, creating a veritable garden of paradise.


Then onto the bus for a three hour ride to San Jose. Then a taxi to Buena Vista Hotel and a 45 minute deep talk with the taxicab driver.  After vintage universal mystical flow he said he had never heard such things and was so OPEN that he promised that he and his wife will meditate every day, the REAL deal.  Then I had dinner with a so called born again missionary.  Poor guy.  After two hours of vintage Zen he could hardly talk!  Too bad people are so closed in their own system.

Anyway, once back I’d like to summarize my feelings about the entire trip and see what lessons, insights can be drawn.

Needless to say right now that it was a GREAT and Blessed trip and I met many, many wonderful people and had some extraordinary experiences. Please see the updates on my CR website,
I hope to add much, much more for ALL of Cr in the future.

Can´t wait to see you all, especially my wonderful and much missed wife, Maureen.

Don’t forget to meditate.  Love, Zen 


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