Earth’s Timeline

by Ken Pollinger, Ph.D.       

    The following timeline for the History of Planet Earth was culled from the following books and articles:

1.           The Urantia Book (Planet Earth = Urantia)

2.           The 12th Planet, by Zecharia Sitchin

3.           Everything You Know is Wrong, by Lloyd Pye

4.           Humanity’s Extraterrestrial Origins, by Arthur Horn

5.           Genesis of the Grail Kings, by Laurence Gardner  

6.        Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Times: The   Mayan Calendar, by Carl Johan Calleman

7.      Articles from The New York Times

I.        Earth’s Timeline [1] [2] [3]

II.        Background

The Largest Overview, starting with approximately 987 billion years ago from the Urantia Book.

The Urantia Book spells out THE GRAND UNIVERSE<<Click to view, which is composed of 7 super universes, with 7 trillion inhabitable worlds and more (Pages 164-167).

Our super universe is called ORVONTON, the 7th and latest created and it has approximately 1 trillion inhabitable worlds. Each super universe has many local universes (approximately 100,000), of which NEBADON is ours. Urantia, by the way, is another word for Earth. The following is a rough timeline of our history and we ask for comments, criticisms, etc. See The Urantia book, pages 651 and on. (On the other hand, scientists “theorize” that the universe is 12.5 billion years old (± 3 billion, which yields a range of 19.5 – 15.5 billion years – although this is constantly changing.)

From 4.6 billion to the birth of Christ, we rely on the above books and science articles from the New York Times.

NOTE: We invite you to download all of this information as our gift from us to you. All we ask in return is that if you can help us fill in the gaps or correct what you see as mistakes or recommend in-depth books, that you contact us as soon as possible.

III.          Chronologies

        A.   Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles: Time Chart – see The Wars of Gods and Men, pp. 345-350

        B.    Gardner’s Chronology – see Genesis of the Grail Kings, p. 22

      C.   Gardner’s List of Antidiluvian  and Post-Diluvian Kiings of Sumer; Mesopotamian Kings and Egyptian Pharaohs; The Ancestry Adam to Abraham, along with Egypt and the Tribes of Israel – see pp. 228-260.

       D.   The New York Times Articles:

            1.     “The Human Family Tree: 10 Adams and 18 Eves: Tracing Human History through Genetic Mutations.” (140,000 BC to the present) (5/02/00)

2.     “The Origin of the Europeans” (50,000 to 5,000 BC) (11/14/00)

3.     “Before the Big Bang, There Was … What?” (05/22/01)  

4.     "Redrawing Humanity's Family Tree: Two Skulls, Found in Africa and Europe Challange Theories of Human Origins and Migrations" (8/6/02)

IV.        Detailed Debates (forthcoming)

1.   Sitchin’s Explanation of the Creation of the Earth (from Pye’s book)

2.   Pye’s disagreement with Sitchin about the creation of Homo Sapiens (Humans)

3.   Calleman’s Mayan Contribution: Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar. 9 Creation Cycles and 9 Types of Consciousness since 16.4 billion years ago. See also -- his soon-to-be published, Enlightenment: The Mayan Calendar as Our Guide to the Future.


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Copyright © 2003 New Age Center. All right reserved.