2. The Institute for 

 Evolutionary Creationism:   

Practical Goals

(subject to expansion)

  1.   To offer the intellectual background for the theory
for Evolutionary Creationism.

  2.   To coordinate & disseminate up-to-date information
concerning developments in line with the I.E.C.

  3.   Since I.E.C.'s lawyers have advised us that, at present
we can't accomplish much legally to bring law suits for equal time
with Evolution & Creation theories, our best route is politically--at the
grass root level, petitioning local school boards to open their policies 
for our third theory, that of Evolutionary Creationism.

  4.   To assist those who want to contact their local 
school board members.

  5.   To set up a training school/camp--both on-line & off-line--
to prepare lecturers for the public libraries, school classrooms,
bookstore lecture circuit, credit-free Continuing Ed college courses, 
book clubs, home study circles, and so on.

  6.   To help the general populace prepare for extraterrestrial contact
(as in "God Games" by Neil Freer)

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