Review of New Book
             by Zecharia Sitchin

Sitchin's latest book, 
"The Lost Book of Enki: 
            Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial god
just came out and it's a lulu!  Here is my review of it for

Sitchin has done it again! From his vast knowledge of the relationships of Enki and Enlil, based on the texts of innumerable tablets and tablet fragments, Sitchin has pieced together or “reconstructed” a delicious “Lost Book of Enki” which actually pulls one into thinking that these are translations of actual tablets!

So much impressed me that I can only mention a few major points.  I found it fascinating how Enlil and Enki probably  debated and reflected upon major ethical/moral/religious decisions such as the "genetic engineered creation" of homo sapiens when Enlil felt that Enki was "replacing the Father of All Beginning" (page l3l), and the issue of whether Weapons of Terror (nuclear bombs) should or should not have been used (page 316), causing the total destruction of the Sumarian civilization in 2023 B.C.  (See Wars of Gods and Men, by Sitchin)     
For people interested in the so-called "Face of Mars" or the human image on the sphinx, Sitchin, through the process of elimination, relates how the “reconstructed” tablets most likely yield
 the names of those images and how they came to be there!  For Bible-oriented readers the "history" of Adapa and his sons Ka-in and Abael stands out as well as the "history" of Ziusudra and the Deluge, not to mention for students of Egypt how Marduk of Sumeria becomes Ra of Egypt and later on Amun, the Unseen One.  And who built the pyramids and the sphinx and why?  Well, I suggest you read Enki's probable account on pages 235-40.  What fun!
And entire book reads like elegant POETRY!  I can't wait until it is placed on audiotape.
Having always wondered about the difference between Enlil (the legitimate Heir) and Enki (the Firstborn son of Anu), their images reveal themselves in THE LOST BOOK OF ENKI.  Enlil is the consumate politician, always concerned about power, control, authority, succession (Enlilship) whereas Enki is the experimental Scientist, always willing to bend, break, or modify rules/orders. According to these reconstructed tablets,  Enlil is frequently concerned about the will of the Creator of All while Enki wants to speed up "natural evolution."  So Enlil makes Enki's decisions equal the will of the Father of All Beginning (the eternal debate of how to know the "will of God").  Enki has sex with Earthlings, Enki's son Marduk marries an Earthling and Enlil fears that the Earthlings will eventually take over. This relationship of brothers is utterly fascinating.
There is so much more to tell but ultimately the final question is: Is this a possible pre-history, OR, is this the made-up story (myth) of an incredible story teller?????   If the latter, then Sitchin’s reconstructed Enki has one of the best imaginations that I have ever been exposed to.  As Enlil states near the end of the book concerning his dream-vision of Galzu, "Was he truly the Creator of All's emissary, was he my hallunication?"  In conclusion, Sitchin’s latest book is NOT pure fiction, neither is it translation—but rather a wonderful attempt to present what would be a partial autobiography of Enki.  Good reading!  Lastly, if you want to see how THE LOST BOOK OF ENKI fits into the "Bigger Picture" check out Jim Marrs, Rule By Secrecy, especially Part V, "Ancient Mysteries."


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