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Please click here to see Growthworks On-line! Review all the categories and check out some of the listings with photos or mini-websites, for example, try "Body Tuning"; or try "chiropractor", see Dr. David Rosenstein.

 ONLY $50/year 

Please read the following information below, after the notes, in order to see if this is for you.

NOTICE: For advertisers ALREADY in Growthworks Online, please review all of your listings, ads, etc., and see if anything needs to be changed or added. Please also send us a check for the appropriate amount, payable to the New Age Center, in order to remain in our Directory. We'll follow up shortly before deleting any material.
Thank you!

The Possibilities:

> Listings, e-mails, and hyperlinks
> Ads also
> Mini-websites
> E-mail broadcasts (4000 targeted holistically-oriented persons)

Listings for one year:
1st category listing: $50;
$15 for each additional listing.


Annual Display Ad Space (click-linked with category listing): 
full page: $100    (9" high x 6" wide)
½ page: $75       (5" high x 6" wide)
¼ page: $50         (3" high x 6" wide)
AD DESIGN: Sunrise Press at 247 Main Street (845) 727-6900 Charges $90/hour for design work. The New Age Center Computer Office will give you 50% off, therefore our charge is ONLY $45/hour.
Note that these fees are for ad space only. Original ads are frequently not able to be effectively scanned due to small print and other reasons. Additionally, we cannot make periodic changes if your ad is scanned in. Therefore we recommend that you let us create/design your ad at a reasonable rate.

Some other important factors:

  1. Your posted material can be changed anytime during the year (fee depends on changes)

  2. In addition to:
    Your Name
    Your Business Name, Address, City, State and Zip
    Telephone number(s)
    E-mail and/or website
    You can add ten words (10) as a description of your services.
    Colored photos can be posted for an additional $15.

  3. NOTE: The New Age Center has a database of approximately 4000 e-mail addresses - and growing by the day. You can send e-mail announcements of your services, workshops, newsletters or any other pertinent material for a small fee - contact us for information. 

  4. We invite you to compare our annual prices with monthly prices of other publications.

Advertising Rates:
You can become part of our Growthworks online for only $50 annually. 
Shop around & compare prices! We suggest that you also add your e-mail and/or website address to your listing. We can also create
new categories if you want onejust write it up, send it to us, along with suggested books & we will include  it for free.

Hyperlinks to your website are free!  This is a great way to publicize your website!

When sending material to Growthworks it will help us out if:


text would be send in the body of the e-mail or doc, txt or rtf,  formats.


pictures, ads, logos and any material that does not need to be edited would 
be sent in jpg, jpeg or pdd formats.


Please give this information to your computer specialist!


In addition, we can create a custom ‘mini website’ for you, where you can post articles, a monthly newsletter, product information or any other creative material that enhances your ad—without the great expense and hassle of maintaining an independent website.  Piggy-back with Growthworks!  Please inquire.

We hope you will consider joining the GROWTHWORKS 
Family of Advertisers!

Call (845)358-6448 or E-mail
to advertise or for more information

                Search Engine

Maybe the following will help you decide Please be aware of the following information on Google as of April 2010.

We're in the top 10 (on first page) of all six listings!!!
Google has the reputation at being the fastest and most comprehensive major SEARCH ENGINE available.


Dramatic Growth of Our Website from 2002 to 2007 to 2010
All the more reason to advertise with us!

2007 (2002):

"New Age Center" is 1 and 2 out of 243,000,000 (2,530,000 in 2002)
(also listed here is Growthworks, Point of Infinity Retreat Center, New Age University, etc.)
"Point of Infinity" is 1 and 2 out of 8,380,000 (420,000 in 2002)
"Growthworks" is 16 out of 46,000 (1,300 in 2002)
"Growthworks Directory" is 1 and 2 out of 781 (113 in 2002)
"New Age University" is 1 and 3 out of 201,000,000 (2,260,000 in 2002)
"Institute for Evolutionary Creationism" is 1 and 2 out of 331,000 (5,790 in 2002)


"New Age Center" is 1 and 2 out of 154,000,000
"Point of Infinity" is 2 and 3 out of 25,500,000
"Growthworks Directory" is 4 out of 67,400
"New Age University" is 2 out of 143,000,000
"Institute for Evolutionary Creationism" is 5 out of 1,600,000

For information about the printed version of the Growthworks Directory click here!


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