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  The Transition Period  

Earth’s Coming Planetary Crises
Theoretically, this is the period before the shifting of the poles of the planet. There is a possibility of worldwide chaos during this time due to:

a) solar flares

b) major Earth Changes (weather, volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, droughts, etc.)

c) global economic meltdown

d) other causes (within our solar system or external to it)

Much of this has been predicted by many prophetic traditions. (See Beyond Prophecies and Predictions by Moira Timms, When the Comet Runs by Tom Kay, Notes From the Cosmos by Gordon Michael Scallion, Winds of Change by Robert Ghost Wolf (especially chapter on Seven Thunders), and others.)

Also, see Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time - The Mayan Calendar, by Carl Johan Calleman, especially information on the fifth night of the Galactic Cycle: November 2007 - November 2008.

So, what do we do if "it" "hits the fan"? How can we physically protect ourselves and our loved ones during this translation period? Here are some options and reflections offered by Drunvalo Melchizedek:

1. Do nothing. Live life as if nothing is happening. Let God guide the way.

2. Do nothing outwardly, but prepare yourself inside, emotionally and mentally. Get ready to accept whatever comes. Let God guide the way.

3. Do nothing outwardly, but in addition to just preparing emotionally and mentally, prepare through meditation and prayer. This could prove to be the most powerful thing a human being can do. Learning Mer-Ka-Ba (the energy field of the human being, sometimes called the Light Body) meditation is one way, but there are other ways, such as the Mayan Meditation tied up to the 260 day Tzolkin, plus more.

4. Prepare physically by getting food and water together for up to two years in the place where you now live, and then doing one of the above. I believe now that you will only need about six months of supplies.

5. Prepare physically by moving to a new location that seems safer to you, and then by doing some of the above.

6. Finally, the place that community has in this process could prove to be very important. If you have thought about forming a community [ed. note: possibly Point of Infinity] in nature somewhere (especially where you can grow food) this may be the time. People of like mind who love one another are an essential part of the teachings of the Ascended Masters, which leads to higher consciousness.

In sum, do not be afraid. Remember your holy and intimate connection with God. God lives within you, and if you connect in this way, whatever you need will be given to you easily. Remember that you are whole, complete, and perfect in this moment. You are about to be given the greatest opportunity to move up in consciousness that a human can ever reach. Stay in love, stay connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky, and you will find this a time of great beauty.

Are we about to enter the Translation Period? No one knows. At least you do not have to wait long to see if this is true. I have never given a warning before, but it now looks to me like it may really be coming soon. If I am wrong, it will at the very least be great practice.

Recent Updates

The following two recent articles - Early Warnings When the Volcano Starts to Slip; and, Large Ice Shelf In Antarctica Disintegrates At Great Speed - from the New York Times makes you wonder about major Earth changes. Also, see Notes from the Cosmos: A Futurists Insights into the World of Dream Prophecy and Intuition, by Gordon-Michael Scallion.

Gordon-Michael Scallion's Summer 2002
Intuitive Flash Newsletter
summarizes The Eastern North American Earth Changes, as "seen" by him. (The prior two issues dealt with the west and central portions of the USA: see


  1. Weather patterns, such as flooding and tsunamis (tidal waves) will probably hit the entire East Coast.

  2. The Great Lakes, after great inundations will probably become one large lake and its waters will flow to the Gulf of Mexico, dividing the US into 2 Lands.

  3. Detroit and Chicago will probably be lost to the sea.

  4. The eastern portions of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut will probably be lost to the sea.

  5. Most of Manhattan will be destroyed by 4 earthquake events. (On April 21, 2002 a 5.1 earth quakes epicenter was located 15 miles southwest of Plattsburg, NY. GMS states: "I see a river of magna beneath the lithosphere that feeds both the hotspot under the Aderondacks and an area close to Manhattan - thus, NYC will experience a significant quake.")

  6. Philadelphia and Baltimore will experience inundations and rising sea levels.

  7. Much of Raleigh will be under water and Atlanta will be a new coastal city.

  8. The East Coast will be pushed back from a few miles to 200 miles by inundations because of tsunamis (tidal waves) originating in Europe and The North Atlantic and also from a melt-off at the poles.

  9. Florida keys to go under water.

  10. With ice continuing to melt, the planet is thrown out of the balance probably bringing about development of a pole shift.

Comment: Could much of this happen? What does science say? Well, in a New York Times article, "What Makes Glaciers Go? Scientists Take a Look Inside," (5/28/02), after inspecting 10,000 feet deep ice cores and tunneling under the ice glaciers, they report: "The climate changed by 8° for three years 11,000 years ago," and "glaciers don't just respond to climate change, they trigger it!"

Comments on Geophysical Pole Shift                        (March, 2003)

"I will state my concerns once again, if Etna or Vesuvius becomes highly active at the same time as volcanoes in the Caribbean, such as Soufriere Hills in Montserrat or Pelee in Martinique, be prepared for an increase in global Earth changes, as well as an increase in activity along the West Coast of North or South America.

Regarding Pole Shifts, "Path of the Poles" is an excellent read and one I have recommended in this publication. Hapgood was a professor in a local college about 12 miles from my home and I had the good fortune to have met him before his passing.

I agree with Hapgood's theory in that some pole shifts occur as a result of a shift in the lithosphere (see the "Future Map of North America" 2002 Edition for more on this). As to ice being the trigger for the next pole shift, my visions have shown me that the cause will not be ice this time. Rather, it will be because of a shift in the magnetic field that will then cause the lithosphere to shift.

However, I have seen visions of the last geophysical pole shift, which was caused by ice. In my vision, I watched as ice built to such a level at the poles that its sheer weight caused an imbalance in the rotation and the poles and the entire Earth tumbled in space. The date I was shown was 54,000 years ago." Comes from Gordon Michael Scallion (of Notes to the Cosmos).




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