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    Paula Heitzner (click to view display ad!)
Fitness Dance
Nyack, NY   (845)356-5613

    Nadiya's Ballroom Dance School (click to view display ad!)
Nyack, NY   (845)548-2350


Deep emotional release bodywork    

Deep Emotional Release Bodywork is a system that frees people from negative experiences and emotions that adversely affect their present behavior. These experiences are stored in the body’s cellular memory and emotional map. Deep Emotional Release Bodywork accesses these recorded experiences and attitudes through a unique pattern of questioning and hands-on techniques. Once traumas, fears negative thoughts and behavior patterns have been identified, the practitioner facilitates their release from specific areas in the body. Some of the many benefits of this transformational work are greater personal insights, renewed creative energy, and increased self-esteem and self confidence.


Deep tissue bodywork    

There are various kinds of deep tissue work and most have come out of Rolfing.  See ROLFING.  

  Deep Tissue Bodywork Practitioners Listed Below:         

    Virginia Flint
    222 Birchwood Ave
    Upper Nyack, NY 10960
    (845) 353-8332



 DENTISTRY (Holistic)    

    Jack N. Zonan DDS., FAGD. (click on name to view display ad!)
Daniel J. Zonan, DDS., FAGD.
Non-Surgical Treatment for Gum Disease
Wedgwood Professional Center
Hartsdale, NY 10530   (914) 948-8111

    The Center for Dental Wellness
David Lerner, DDS
Cold Spring, NY   (914)265-9643


 DNA Recoding         

DNA recoding is a process by which human beings can permanently remove emotional blocks, activate dormant DNA strands, reconnect these 12 strands into the physical body’s endocrine system, and activate one’s MerKaBa crown chakra crystal and dormant psychic glands.

Reconnection of each new strand requires a certain level of mastery of particular qualities. One facilitates one's process of exponential growth into multidimensional consciousness by identifying and releasing unconscious emotional patterns of low frequency such as resentment, hurt, anger, etc., and learning the lessons associated with them.
One can learn how to facilitate one’s own process of exponential growth into full consciousness by uncoverering and releasing unconscious patterns.

DNA recoding, reconnecting and activation includes: 
>Learning to hear inner guidance to assist in one’s transformation
>Clearing the past from one’s mental, emotional and physical bodies
>Learning what it means to be multi-dimensional
>Implementing the tools to consciously accelerate the process

Suggested Reading:
>Integrated Ascension: Revelation for the Next Millenium—Joshua David Stone
>The Power of Twelve: Achieving a 12-strand DNA Consciousness—Anne Brewer
>We are the Nibiruans, Book Manual One: 
            Return of the 12th Planet
— Jelaila (also available in 24 audio tapes)
>Feelings Buried Alive Never Die—Karol K. Truman
>Walking Between the Worlds and The Science of Compassion—Gregg Braden



A Doula is a woman who assists women throughout and beyond their childbearing year, providing emotional and physical support. Labor and birth Doulas help women prepare during their pregnancy and assist at the birth. Doulas are knowledgable in pain management tactics such as meditation and rhythmic movement. Doulas also facilitate communication between the laboring woman, her partner, and their health care provider. Doulas stay the whole labor and birth, giving massages and reminding the birthing woman that she is capable of achieving a successful birth. The Doula’s purpose is to help create a healthier, more fulfilling birth, one that the birthing woman with remember as a positive experience.

Postpartum Doulas are women who help within the home after the birth of the child. They can do anything from lacing the new mother’s shoe to breastfeeding counseling. A postpartum Doula assists with household chores to give the mother more time to be with her baby. She is an extra hand for other taking care of siblings and provides an open ear for listening.

Doulas are available to help women create a positive and smooth transition into parenting. 



Dowsing is a method of locating tangible and non-tangible things through the use of various devices via contact and direction with universal knowledge, God or higher powers. It attunes one's inner senses to the essence of a target, which allows one to obtain information in some manner beyond the power and scope of the standard human senses.

Dowsing can be accomplished through the use of any of the four different devices: The Y rod, The Wand, The L rods, and The Pendulum. Pendulums are recommended for beginners and asking the right question is the most important aspect.

Suggested Materials:
>Various pendulums sold in Nirvana Books (845)358-6448

Suggested Reading:
>Dowsing for Beginners—Keith Morgan
>The Power of The Pendulum—T. C. Lethbridge
>The Practical Pendulum Book—D. Jurriaanse



    Pearl Natter
Dream Analyst
Individual Sessions and Group Workshops

Nyack, NY  (845) 353-0511
Explore the inner meaning of your unconscious through dreams!

    Ken Pollinger, Ph.D
Gestalt Dreamwork
Nyack, NY  (845)358-6448



This powerful and sophisticated energy system is of Tibetan/Mystery School origin. The student receives 30 attunements (Initiations) empower them to access these energies for etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual information. The energies can be used for self and others and include: Star tetrahedron, triangulation procedure, meditation, clear-balance-align charkas, meridians and subtle bodies and much, much, more.

Suggested Reading:
>Energy Blessings from the Stars by Virginia Essene & Irving Feurst
>Transform Your Cellular Water Field Tape by Irving Feurst

Lorreta Metzeg, certified teacher Spiritual Unfoldment Network
Workshops offered at New Age Center, Nyack and Midtown Mahattan
P.O. Box 811, Hartsdale, NY 10530 (914) 472-0332
E-mail    -
Website -




    Rebecca L. Holt, MA, HHC
Bright Moves LLC
Tutoring with the body in mind: Bright Moves holistic approach to
tutoring integrates movement and nutrition for optimal learning.
New Age Center, Suite C
Nyack, NY 10960
(845) 348-1870
Websites: and




  Edgar Cayse     

EDGAR CAYCE (1877 - 1945)—As a young man Cayce discovered that he was able to enter into a self-induced trance state and place his mind in contact with an unlimited source of information.  Though he had only an eighth grade education, he could answer questions and give discourses on any subject matter or topic while in a trance, speaking with authority and using the correct terminology. 

  The effectiveness of the treatments he prescribed for body, mind and soul made him a medical phenomenon, who is called the “Father of Holistic Medicine.”  Eventually, the scope of these discourses, called “readings,” expanded to include meditation, dreams, reincarnation, psychic development, prophecy, arthritis, epilepsy, and over three hundred other medical topics.  The New York Times Oct. 9, 1910, wrote an article about him with the heading, “Illiterate Man Becomes A Doctor When Hypnotized:  strange powers shown by Edgar Cayce puzzles physicians.”

  His treatments involved the use of many different types of oils such as castor oil, olive oil, pine needle oil and others.  Massage, diet, colonics, various types of poultices and manipulation by an osteopath or chiropractor were often recommended.  If necessary, he would prescribe surgery, naming the doctor and hosital to go to, even though these were unknown to him. 

  An example of a treatment he would use for, say, sprained tendons would be as follows:  “Make a saturated solution of apple cider vinegar and salt.  Then soak a white cloth in this solution and wrap it around the affected area, above and below.  Put a piece of plastic around this and a heating pad on top.  Leave it on for 1 1/2 hours and then massage the area with Egyptian Oil, which is a combination of five different oils.  Do this four nights in a row, leave it off two nights and then repeat until you are healed.”  The key to using his remedies was to be consistent and persistent.

  While the treatments would help the physical problems, true healing couldn’t take place until there was a change in attitude combined with prayer.  He would often tell people not to start his treatments if they were going to continue to hate their neighbor.  The following is an excerpt from a reading he gave to a thirty-five year old male suffering from MS:  “...As indicated this is a karmic condition and there must be measures taken for the body to change its attitude toward conditions, things and its fellow long as there is hate, malice, injustice, those things that produce jealousy, those that produce that which is at variance to patience, long suffering, brotherly love, kindness, gentleness, there cannot be healing to that condition of this body.”  According to Cayce, the fruits of the spirit be nurtured and true healing take place through prayer, meditation, and service to one’s fellow man.  Love and forgiveness were said to be the most important cures for healing ourselves and humanity.

  The following reading is an example of Cayce’s belief in reincarnation and karma: “...Remember you are now meeting the things which you applied.  Live with this in mind and every soul may well take heed.  You shall pay every whit that you break of the law of the Lord.  For the law of the Lord is perfect; it converteth the soul...Here we find a physical expression of wantonness and selfishness in the past, manifested in the present, in respect to lack of physical, mental and spiritual faculties.  In a previous life while holding a position of authority in the English court, this entity turned away from those who were without hope and who were suffering from hunger and want, who were disturbed in body and mind.  The entity turned to the joys of a material nature, and the enjoyment of appetites in self.  Here we find that the entity is overtaken; and what he has sown he is reaping.”

  Edgar Cayce always saw each person as a unit of energy in the earth, a creation of the Universal Forces that we call God, an entity who is distinct from every other being on the face of the earth, and who deserves to be treated as such.  Cayce saw each person being born into the earth with a purpose.  He recalled to mind frequently the concept that God is indeed our Source and our life here on planet Earth is an opportunity to make headway back to that Source, which is our rightful destiny.


  Educational Services     

  Educational Services Practitioners Listed Below:         


    Rebecca L. Holt, MA, HHC
Bright Moves LLC
Tutoring with the body in mind: Bright Moves holistic approach to
tutoring integrates movement and nutrition for optimal learning.
New Age Center, Suite C
Nyack, NY 10960
(845) 348-1870
Websites: and


  Eidetic Imaging     

Eidetic Imaging is a distinctly new, delightful, and strikingly effective mode of growth and healing for people of all ages. It enables us all to discover within ourselves the animating inner motion pictures recently found to be the chief source of our moods, behavior, health and creativity; and to see how we can use these images to help us change in exactly the ways we need to.

When we let our images roll, they take us on heroic, high-spirited, transformational trips whose mission is to outwit our snarls and leave us in better frames of mind, more able to do and get what we want. When one knows how and when to take a transformational eidetic journey, one can readily free oneself from stressful thinking, feeling and acting which get in the way of performing and feeling his or her best. One also learns to see more clearly where other people are coming from so he or she can relate to them more harmoniously and fruitfully.

Suggested Reading:
>PSYCHEYE Self-Analytic Consciousness—Akhter Ahsen
>ABC of Imagery—Akhter Ahsen
>IMAGERY PARADIGM: Imaginative Consciousness in the Experimental
        and Clinical Setting —
Akhter Ahsen
>Imagery Treatment of Phobias, Anxiety States & Other Symptom Complexes
        in Akhter Ahsen’s Image Psychology—
Anna T. Dolan
>New Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Akhter Ahsens’s Eidetic
Image Therapy—Toni Nixon

  Eidetic Imaging Practitioners Listed Below:         

      Janet K. Bloom, M.F.A., C.I.T. (click on name to view display ad!)
Master of Fine Arts, Certified Eidetic Imaging Trainer
Lake Peekskill, NY 10537


  E.M.D.R.      --Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing

E.M.D.R. is an innovative form of psychotherapy that uses rapid stimulation of the left and right hemispheres of the brain—usually through eye movements mimicking the patterns of REM, or dream, sleep—to help a client access and process memories, beliefs and interpretations lodged in the mind or body.  E.M.D.R. is extremely effective in revealing and releasing limiting beliefs, phobias, and blocks to personal growth which have outlived their usefulness in a client's life, thereby freeing creativity and often enhancing the client's ability to function in many dimensions.


  emotional freedom technique     

    Rebecca L. Holt, MA, HHC
Bright Moves LLC
Tutoring with the body in mind: Bright Moves holistic approach to
tutoring integrates movement and nutrition for optimal learning.
New Age Center, Suite C
Nyack, NY 10960
(845) 348-1870
Websites: and

    Anton Bluman, M.S., N.R.N.P., A.I.B.T.
Certified EEG Biofeedback/Neurofeedback/E.F.T./Heart Math Practitioner
Integrative Medicine Group
Tarrytown, N.Y. (914) 524-0710, (C) 914-393-5616



The Enneagram is a powerful system of psychology that describes nine personality styles peoples most favor. Newcomers are often amazed to find clear, accurate portraits of themselves and their family, friends and co-workers. They find it invaluable in understanding their special gifts, relationships and life purpose. At the cutting edge of modern psychology, the Enneagram is based on ancient spiritual traditions. It is now being discovered by counselors, teachers, business consultants, and people who simply want to grow in mind and spirit.

Suggested Reading:
>Personality Types—Don Richard Riso
>The Enneagram—Helen Palmer

 Enneagram Practitioners Listed Below:    

     Cullen McVoy & Elizabeth Kim McVoy
Seminars and individual consultations
Montclair, NJ   (973)744-5735


  Esoteric Energy Dynamics     

    Christine Ogasawara
Unlocking positive energy for improved health
Montvale NJ (201) 573-0026
Cell: (201) 240-9017



  Essential Oils      -- see also Aromatherapy

The science of aromatherapy and essential oils is thousands of years old. Essential oils were used by Christ and biblical prophets, like Abraham and Moses, as well as kings, priests, emperors, and pharaohs from different cultures and times, to promote youthfulness, beauty and protection from disease and plagues of their day.

Science continues to validate the powerful use of essential oils and their antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and immune-stimulating properties. Organic therapeutic grade essential oils when applied to the body have high oxygenating molecules and the ability to deliver nutrients to the cell nucleus for maximum assimilation.

Essential oils are beneficial for people seeking truth, knowledge and freedom from the captivity of pain, disease and emotional bondage. It is vital to know the source of your oils and their purity. All oils are not created equal - buyer beware!

 Essential Oil/Aromatherapy Practitioners Listed Below:     

    Martha Snee
Young Living Distributor
Bergen County, NJ   (201)896-1391



The essence of Eurythmy is the experience of the oneness of the human being with the cosmos, the experience is that the human soul and spirit are not imprisoned within the human body but are perceptible as an aura araund it and interweaving with the forces of the cosmos. Eurythmy is related to the old sacred dances. Its weightless flowing movements are at the same time graceful, healing and invigorating. Doing Eurythmy strengthens the life forces of the human being; its practice promotes an inner freshness and liveliness, enhancing positivity towards life. You will feel more grounded and at the same time more connected to spiritual forces. Exercise to overcome gravity help us to experience the "bodylessness", "matterlessness" of our higher bodies. The perception of space will change from an empty void into a reality out of light. Explorations of the human uprightness can lead to the experience of how the higher self lives in one's body and how much it can be present in one's life. Distinct movements with the arms will help us discover universal forces from the cosmos that built the world and created the human being. The center of the movement in Eurythmy is the heart. In our time, it is an important step that our intellectual thinking connect with the forces of the heart and that the heart become seeing and gain insight in a warm, compassionate way. Doing Eurythmy strengthens the heart forces and transforms the heart in to an organ of wisdom, knowledge and insight that is more powerful and deep than the insight we gain through the intellect alone.

Suggested Reading:
>Eurythmy, rythm, dance and soul, Thomas Poplawski, Anthroposophic Press, New York
> Enlivening the Chakra of the Heart, Florin Lowndes, Sophia Books, London
>Explorations in Eurythmy, Eurythmy Spring Valley, New York (Video)


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