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Facial Rejuvenation  

Facial Rejuvenation combines massage and energy work. It assists nerve, muscle and energy reconnection through the use of select contact points, and employs specific massage strokes and massage patterns to relax the muscles, increase circulation and energy flow to the face, neck, shoulders and head. This combined result allows a realignment of the facial muscles into a more stress-free, relaxed and youthful pattern.

Facial Rejuvenation is a means of reweaving the fabric of energy around our faces through which the world sees us. Our faces tell it all, whether we like it or not. They reflect with total candor where we have been and where we are. Tight, tired eyes, stress-furrowed brows, pursed lips and a sagging chin all hold and bind the energy of our daily lives. Mentally and emotionally, we create the faces we wear. If one eases and erases the signs of yesterday's stress, he or she can put on a new face for tomorrow.

The treatment includes herbal compressing, cleansing and natural masks. The treatment may also utilize the art of aromatherapy, with individually chosen aromatic essential oils helping to move the body into a state of balance.

Suggested Reading:
>Your Face Never Lies--Faces—Hilarion

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This is a technique utilized to cleanse and detoxify the body of accumulated impurities and unwanted toxins. There are a variety of fasting programs and philosophies. Some people undertake a water fast; others will eat just one fruit, vegetable or grain, such as an apple fast, fresh orange juice fast, or a brown rice fast. Some yoga traditions recommend that we fast one day each week so as to rest our organs and restore our energy. Some do a seven-day fast (or longer) at the change of each season in order to make the transitions to “new foods.” Fasting has been known to act as a cure for many ailments, while assisting with weight loss. Some people combine fasting and colonics for better cleansing and restoration.

Suggested Reading:
>The Miracle of Fasting—Paul and Patricia Bragg
Rational Fasting—Arnold Ehret
Steve Meyerowitz
>How to Keep Slim, Healthy, and Young with Juice Fasting—Dr. Paavo Airola



FELDENKRAIS—The  Feldenkrais Method consists of two related techniques: Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration. Both are designed to reorganize neuro-muscular pathways, break up old habits, and create new patterns of thinking, moving, and feeling.

  Awareness Through Movement lessons are effortless exercises that create dynamic, immediate improvements in flexibility, posture, and comfort. They also develop high levels of coordination and improved self-image. This comprehensive system includes exercises that address every joint and muscle group in the body while enhancing attention, imagination, and self-awareness.

  Functional Integration is a one-on-one method of teaching. The practitioner uses sophisticated techniques of gentle touch and passive movement to reorganize posture, movement, and self-image. It is used to alleviate pain and movement restrictions, and enhance mental and physical functioning.


 Feng Shui   

Have you ever walked into a room and felt instantly at ease? Have you ever walked into a room and felt very uncomfortable and edgy? If you have had either of these experiences, you have experienced Feng Shui.

Feng Shui, translated as "wind and water", is the ancient Chinese art of placement. It is more than three thousand years old, and is said to predate both Confucianism and Taoism. In modern terms, Feng Shui is the art of arranging your environment to enhance your life.

The tools of Feng Shui are based on the wisdom of the I Ching, or Book of Changes. There are several different schools of practice, but they all share these underlying concepts: 

Everything is energetically alive.
Everything is interconnected.
Everything is constantly changing.

In Feng Shui, we recognize that our environment reflects who we are at any moment; and that, as we change, our environment may have to change with us in order to accurately reflect and support our growth as human beings. The principles of Feng Shui are based on thousands of years of practical wisdom, and they give us clear guidance on tried and true ways to arrange our surroundings so that they support us mentally, physically and spiritually.

Suggested Reading:
The Fung Shui Handbook—Master Lam Kam Chuen
>The Way of Feng Shui—Philippa Waring
>The Western Guide to Feng Shui— Terah Kathryn Collins
>Feng Shui for the Home—Evelyn Lip

    Cheryl A. Nardone
Certified Practitioner
Classical Compass Feng-Shui


    Gaia Feng Shui (Abby Straus)
Empowerment through environment
Pomona, NY    (845) 362-5133



Floating is a therapeutic technique which relaxes the body, relieves mental stress, enhances creativity, overcomes jet lag and reduces pain.

One floats on top of ten inches of body temperature water, in which 800 pounds of Epsom salts have been dissolved to provide special buoyancy. Some choose absolute quiet or soft background music. By eliminating outside stimuli you can concentrate your attention on meditation, self-improvement or problem-solving. A one hour float provides the equivalent of four to eight hours rest. The effect lasts a week and is cumulative.

Flotation frees the body from the force of gravity, enabling it to heal, rejuvenate and come to a state of natural balance. Flotation increases the brain states associated with deep levels of meditation and triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain eradicator.

Suggested Reading:
>The Book of Floating—Michael Hutchinson


  Flower essences     

Flower Essences work from the premise that diseases of the body are symptoms of disturbance of the mind, the hearts and the spirit. Leaf twig or flower-essence remedies directly correlate to specific moods or mental attitudes, and serve as catalysts for the subtler levels of the healing process. Dr. Edward Bach, pioneer of flower, found that patients with similar personality traits responded to the same remedy, although their outward manifestations of illness differed. Capturing the essence of a fresh flower may involve gathering the plant at sunrise and placing it in a bowl of pure, undiluted water with in direct sunlight for several hours.

Suggested Reading:
>The Bach Flower Remedies – Dr. Edward Bach Healing Center

>Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing – by Gurudas


  FOOT Reflexology     

Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet and hands which are actually “reflections” of body parts. Their location and relationships to each other follow a logical anatomical pattern which closely resembles that of the body itself.

This ancient healing technique involves a steady pressure on the reflex points which correspond to areas throughout the body. Reflexology accelerates the body's natural healing abilities. The gentle stimulation upon the points or reflexes directly acts upon particular organs, glands and body parts.

Hand/Foot Reflexology is a pleasant, soothing, preventive health care measure.

Suggested Reading:
Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology—
    Kevin and Barbara Kunz
>Better Health with Foot Reflexology—Dwight Byers
>Stories The Feet Can Tell—Eunice Ingham
>Feet First—Laura Norman



 Gestalt Therapy      

Gestalt Therapy is a holistic therapy which stresses the appreciation and integration of all parts or aspects of the person. The here-and-now experience receives full attention, emphasizing the development of greater awareness so that present and past hurts which interfere with everyday functioning can be healed, thereby promoting growth and change. Dreamwork is not analytical, but rather experientially re-lived for clues to the basic integration of the emotional and intellectual message. Freedom and total integration of the person is the desired result.

Suggested Reading:
>The Gestalt Approach and Eyewitness to Therapy, Gestalt Verbatim, 
Gestalt Therapy
—Fritz Perls
>Gestalt-Self Therapy—Muriel Schiffman
>Gestalt Therapy Integrated—Erving & Miriam Polster



     Dr. Elide Solomont
"Learn the psychodynamics of communication" 
(Dr. Solomont also speaks French & Italian)
Author of: "You Are Who You Hate: Healing with Music" --
available at Nirvana Bookstore.

New York: (212)861-6318
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  G.I. Gurdjieff (1866–1949)    

The Greek–Armenian teacher, musician, author and choreographer of his “Sacred Dances” has been the one most influential forces in the Twentieth Century in bringing esoteric spiritual knowledge from the Middle and Far East to the West.

Born in Alexandropol on the Russo–Turkish border, he was exposed at an early age to the “crossroads” of the major religions. His contacts with the Russian Orthodox Church, Muslim Dervishes, Buddhism, Judaism and Zoroastrianism, instilled in him a strong passion for finding the original and lost sources of these religions. On this quest, in his early manhood, he traveled widely with like-minded friends to countries including, Egypt, Palestine, Afghanistan, Turkestan, India, Tibet and China.

In 1912 he appeared in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Using the knowledge, discipline and understanding learned on his apprenticeship he founded his first school “ The Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man.” World War I and the Bolshevik Revolution forced him to move his Institute to several areas across the Balkans, until he finally emigrated to France where he taught at Fountainbleau and finally in Paris until his death.

His method for self– development from “semi-sleep” and “autonomism” to consciousness and conscientiousness is still continued both as an oral tradition and through his books, music and “Sacred Dances” by the students of his disciples. One such group stemming from one of his students a Dutch Chemist, Dr. W.A. Nyland (1890–1975) has been carrying on his

“work” in the manner originally indicated by him.

For information or books about his work, contact:

     Gurdjieff Work/Chardavogne Group
Institute of Religious Development
Warwick, NY 10990   (845)258-4655

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