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Hakomi is a body-centered therapy based upon the idea that encoded in the body are beliefs, memories, and emotional attitudes which determine the quality of our lives. The core of the method involves evoking the state of mindfulness—a relaxed, sustained focus of inward attention that gently probes underneath everyday habitual responses and patterns to the unconscious ways that we organize and direct our experience. Through slow and gentle guidance and in an atmosphere of safety, the intrinsic wisdom and intelligence within unfolds itself to give life clarity, a sense of meaning, and satisfaction.

Suggested Reading:
Body-Centered Psychotherapy: The Hakomi Method—R. M. Kurtz
>The Dreambody in Relationships and Working on Yourself Alone—Arnold Mindell
>Embracing Ourselves—Hal Stone & Sidra Winkelman


  Hand drumming              

HAND DRUMMING is an ancient art that has been used as a form of communication in religious ceremonies to induce spiritual awakenings, and for a variety of other reasons including pure entertainment.

  Hand drumming is a great release from life's pressures. In a group setting, energy is drawn from the rhythm of the drummer. It's primal quality teaches us in such a powerful way that it can provide a state of mental clarity and lead to higher consciousness.

Suggested Video:
> The Art and Joy of Hand
—John Bergman of   Shamans Drum Magazine


  HANDLE® Approach     
(Holistic Approach to Neurodevelopment for Learning Efficiency)

The HANDLE Institute provides an effective, non-drug alternative for identifying and treating most neurodevelopmental disorders across the lifespan including Autism, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and Tourette's Syndrome. HANDLE incorporates research and techniques from many disciplines. It includes principles and perspectives from medicine, rehabilitation, psychology, education and nutrition. It is founded on an interactive, developmental model of human functioning. The HANDLE Institute International, LLC offers clinical services, community information, and professional training programs.

    Rebecca L. Holt, MA, HHC
Bright Moves LLC
Educational and Nutritional Counseling Services.
Simple, lasting solutions to life-long struggles
with learning, performance, or nutrition.
New Age Center, Suite C
Nyack, NY 10960
(845) 348-1870
Websites: and




Healing philosophies/practices/techniques vary tremendously across cultures and even within the same culture. One school of thought teaches that the healer, acting as an instrument, activates the healing power or healer within. Another school holds that the healer “pulls down” from above (e.g., The Universe of God) or “pulls up” from below (e.g. The Earth) healing energies so that the healer receives from an outside source. Still other healers call successfully upon transcendent and eminent forces.

One healing modality is known as the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a three-year comprehensive program designed to enable the practitioner to perceive the Human Energy Field or aura using the practitioner’s High Sense Perception to diagnose, interpret and correct any imbalances in the energy field. This method allows healing to occur naturally.

Suggested Reading:

Spontaneous Healing and Eight Weeks to Optimum Health— Andrew Weil, M.D.
Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, Anatomy of Spirit, and Energy Anatomy (tape set)— Caroline Myss
>The Healing of America—Marianne Williamson
>Hands of Light—Barbara Brennan
>Light Emerging—Barbara Brennan

  Healing  practitioners listed below:      

    Sacred River Healing
Ginny Flint and Alan Levin
Nyack, NY
(845) 353-8332

    DNA Theta Healing
Vianna Stibal
Nature's Path
2100 Niagra
Idaho Falls, ID 83404


Suzanne Brennan
River of Light Energy Vision Healing
Nyack, NY  (845) 353-4434

    Rita Langworth
Energetic and Spiritual Healer
Washingtonville, NY  (845)496-0525

    Maureen Orfino-Pollinger (click on name to view display ad!)
Hands on Healing
Nyack, NY  (845)353-4769

    Kathy Scheffold
Kate's Healing Cottage (click on name to view display ad!)

    Healing Wisdom (click on name to view display ad!)
Dorothy Whitton MS, RN, HNC,CHt.
Healing Touch Hands on Energy Healing,
Synergistic Deep Release & Balancing
Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapy
Nyack, NY   (845) 323-5171

    Fr. Aristide Bruni, CCSH
Seymour, CT
(203) 732-9047

  HealIng Prayer circle      

HEALING/PRAYER CIRCLE—Open-minded persons who wish to heal and be healed gather together, utilizing various types of prayer and the laying-on of hands to receive new infusions of energy, whether for themselves personally, or for others at some distance, or on other levels of existence.  Planetary , cosmic, and universal healings are frequently included.

Suggested Readings:
> Illuminata—
Marianne Williamson

> The Urantia Book

> The Complete Ascension Manual
  Joshua David Stone


  HealIng: Voice & Movement      

Voice and movement are the two primary expressions of the energy that we are.  We are always involved with one or both. How free we feel using our voices and bodies reflects the degree of well-being we experience in our lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Where the energetic flow is blocked, our expression is limited and our health compromised. 

The sound of the voice creates a resonating chamber that surrounds the participant with healing vibration.  The participant can also join or initiate the sound field.  In addition, s/he “gives voice to” parts of the self that lie hidden, causing conflict until they are heard and assimilated.

The flow of the moving body creates pathways that guide the participant toward self-discovery.  Where movement constricts or resists, the participant can uncover old wounds.  The body’s wisdom ensures that only what is manageable will be revealed at any time.

By working directly with the voice and body movement, one gently uncovers habitual patterns of being that are no longer helpful.  We then allow these patterns to transform in ways that support us as healthy and authentic human beings.

Guided voice and movement healing work can open pathways to inner peace, insight, release, conviction, and joy.  This work offers rich and visceral ways of exploring, honoring, and transforming that which stands in the way of our true expression.


  Health food      

    Back to Earth at New City
The Natural Foods Arena was never this exciting!
New City, NY   (845)634-3511 

    Back to Earth at Nyack (click on name to view display ad!)
Natural Foods Market and Whole Foods Deli
1 South Broadway at Corner of Main Street
Nyack, NY 10960
(845) 353-3311 

    Hungry Hollow Co-op (click on name to view display ad!)
Organic & Natural Foods Market
Mon.-Thurs. 10-7, Fri & Sat. 10-6

Chestnut Ridge, NY   (845)356-3319


 Health kinesiology     

HEALTH KINESIOLOGY is a procedure used to heal and balance the body and the body’s individual energy flow.  Founded by Dr. Scott, author of Cure Your Own Allergies, it is a wonderfully inventive healing procedure.  It is a system which works with your own individual energy and is therefore ideally specific.  Muscle testing is used to enter the body and energy from your body translates information through the muscle testing, so the healing that follows is designed by your own energy.

Health Kinesiology works with allergies, detox, tolerances, psychologicals, energy flow, balancing, control system disturbances, and more.

Suggested Readings:
>Kinesiology—Ann Holdway
>Cure Your Own Allergies—Dr.   James Scott
>Hands of Light and Light
>Emerging—Barbara Brennan


Health product marketing       

HEALTH PRODUCT MARKETING—Multi-marketing is very popular these days, especially for health products, since the idea is to eliminate high-cost promotions and also add a personal dimension in sales.  New health product distributors are flooding the market and caution is needed to discern which products are of high quality.  Distributorships are readily available, but one needs to test out the product on oneself first before signing up.  For this reason, one should sample New Spirit Naturals, with products like GREEN MAGIC, Nutri-Cleanse, and the new oxypure product.


  Heart Disease Prevention      --An Alternative Approach

Dr. Dean Ornish’s program for reversing heart disease offers a package of life-style changes in diet, exercise, yoga, meditation and stress management. There is no need for cholesterol-lowering drugs or surgery. One can greatly reduce the risk of a heart attack with a brisk 30-minute walk, followed by an hour of yoga, meditation, relaxation, topped off by a light, nutritious, vegetarian meal.

Suggested Reading and Cassettes:
>Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program forReversing Heart Disease
>Richard Hittleman’s Yoga 28 Day Exercise Plan
    plus videos I & II
>Full Catastrophe Living and
   Wherever You Go, There You Are—Jon Kabat-Zinn
>Mindfulness Meditation Practice Tapes
>Minding the Body, Mending the Mind
—Joan Borysenko

  Heart Disease Prevention practitioners listed below:      

    Healing Wisdom (click on name to view display ad!)
Dorothy Whitton MS, RN, HNC,CHt.
Healing Touch Hands on Energy Healing,
Synergistic Deep Release & Balancing
Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapy
Nyack, NY   (845) 323-5171

    Advanced Medical of Mt. Kisco (click on name to view display ad!)
Mt. Kisco, NY   (914)241-7030



HeartMath is aimed at empowering people to reduce stress, fine-tune performance in all areas of their lives and foster greater health, well-being and their innermost sense of self. This newfound empowerment is a result of their ability to access a greater portion of their heart's intelligence which is the purpose of our solution set. Improved accessibility of heart intelligence prepares individuals to connect better with others and co-create a more coherent environment in the classroom, the workplace, the home, and ultimately, our planet. HeartMath is an effective training tool for reducing stress, deepening relaxation and for emotional, physiological self-management. It can alleviate ADD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety and other conditions..

  HeartMath practitioners listed below:      

    Anton Bluman, M.S., N.R.N.P., A.I.B.T.
Certified EEG Biofeedback/Neurofeedback/E.F.T./Heart Math Practitioner
Integrative Medicine Group
Tarrytown, N.Y. (914) 524-0710, (C) 914-393-5616



    Richard Bloom, DC PC 
Chinese and Western Herbs
Chestnut Ridge, NY  (845)425-9575


  Herbal medicine        

    The Healing Tao Center of NJ
Consultations, Treatments, Classes
Northern NJ / Rockland

    Naomi Pelzig, M.D.
Nyack, NY   


  Herbal REMEDIES        

Botanical formulas are used to regenerate and sustain a person's energy and vibrant health. As human beings, we are living, healthy, adaptive, continually growing organisms. Our bodies, organs, glands and systems are highly integrated and continually processing and responding to our environment. Therefore, we need to nourish and support all of our body systems, which  provide a solid foundation for the body to build on. Thus, herbs can help in stress reduction, environmental detoxification, digestive enhancement, hormonal balance, metabolic and immune support, energy enhancement, and physical recovery.

Suggested Reading:
> Powerful and Unusual Herbs from The Amazon & China--
by The World Preservation Society
Suggested Video:
> Discover the Richest Concentration of Healing Life on Our Planet and
Help Save Our Rainforest.

For more information about lectures, video demonstrations, products etc.
go to:
Rainforest Herb Center at The New Age Center



HELLERWORK is a method of deep-tissue bodywork developed by Joseph Heller. The connective tissue (or facia) which envelops the muscles is deeply massaged, moved, stretched and elongated during each session. This re-organization of the facia facilitates a re-shaping of posture and alignment. Rigid structural tissue becomes pliant, supple and softer.

  The Hellerwork sessions include guided movements drawn on the client's inherent, natural organic movement patterns. Another valuable component is the verbal dialogue which is used to begin an inquiry and awareness into emotions, attitudes, belief systems, etc. These become locked and held in the body, blocking and restricting posture, body shape and movement flow.

  The results include optimum strength with perfect ease, natural grace and freedom of movement, a connectedness of all the body parts to the whole, deeper awareness of the relation of body, mind and emotions, and general well-being and harmony.

Suggested Reading:Bodywise—Heller & Henkin



Herbology is an ancient way of healing found in cultures throughout the world utilizing plants and their derivatives as preventive and curative medicine. It is believed that medicinal and nutritional supplements synthesized from separate and isolated elements create a physical dependency in the body by reducing its ability to extract these elements from whole foods. Whole herbs, however, retain the subtler ingredients necessary to balance the active elements, thus transporting a balanced substance into the body that can catalyze healing more effectively. In this way, herbal therapy strengthens the natural functions of the body without the negative side effects of synthetic drugs. Herbs are prepared for internal and external use in a variety of ways, including teas, tinctures, extracts, oils ointments, and  compresses.

Suggested Reading:
>School of Natural Healing – John R. Christopher
>The Way of Herbs – Michael Tierra


  Holistic Centers         

The following Centers stress holistic approaches to health and well-Being.

  Holistic Centers Listed Below:     

    New Age Center
Ken Pollinher, Ph.D. - Director
1 South Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960
(845) 358-6448

Buddhist Classes
Crystal/Gift Shop
Day Spa
Facial Rejuvenation
Health Food Store
Interdenominational Services
Personal Growth Workshops
Physical Therapy
Pranic Healing
Silva Mind Method
Spiritual Enlightenment

    Point of Infinity Retreat Center
Ken Pollinher, Ph.D. - Director
101 Red Star Road, Greenfield Park, NY 12435
(845) 647-8834

Druid Stone Circle
Personal Growth Workshops
Personal/Group Retreats
Spiritual Enlightenment

Cathleen O'Connor
- Director
Holistic Center for Health & Well-Being
525 Albany Post Road Suite
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520
phone (914)788-9844
fax (914) 739-3629


  Holistic Dentistry         

Holistic Dentistry incorporates the holistic approach into the practice of dentistry. This approach has grown in popularity in recent years as people have become educated regarding the negative affects of metal fillings, heavy drugs and unnecessary x-rays. The holistic dentists' primary concern is to bring an integrated whole-life approach to dentistry for the optimal functioning of body, mind and spirit.

The holistic dentist will carefully monitor procedure and practice, minimizing medicine. Amalgam (mercury) fillings are not used. Holistic dentistry offers homeopathy, acupressure, kinesiology, hypnosis, nutritional support, non-surgical gum therapy and T.M.J. therapy, in addition to a full range of dental services.

Suggested Reading:
>Are Your Dental Fillings Poisoning You?—Guy Fasciana
>TMJ: The Self-Help Program— John Taddey
>The Toxic Time Bomb—Sam Ziff


  Holistic Medicine/Health centers       

Holistic Medicine/Healing attempts to blend the best aspects of conventional medicine and surgery with ancient and recent practices focused on health and healing. Utilizing a synthesis of any number of healing approaches, holistic physicians and healers attempt to understand and work with their patients' physical, emotional, spiritual and psychosocial needs.

Treatments may range from a few simple procedures or dietary changes to complex life transforming processes. For patients, developing a deeper sense of self-responsibility through cooperative relationships with their healers helps further their healing process.

Suggested Reading:
>Spontaneous Healing; Natural Health, Natural Medicine; and Eight Weeks to Optimum Health— Andrew Weil, M.D.
>Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can;
    Anatomy of Spirit;
and Creation of Health
    (w/ Norman Shealy)—Caroline Myss
>How to Live Between Office Visits;
    Peace, Love and Healing;

    and Love, Medicine and Miracles—Bernie Siegel
>Ageless Body, Timeless Mind;
    Perfect Health;
and Healing—Deepak Chopra
>Meaning & Medicine and
    Prayer is Good Medicine
—Larry Dossey
>Minding the Body, Mending the Mind—Joan Borysenko

  Holistic Medicine/Health Centers Listed Below:     

    Advanced Medical of Mt. Kisco (click on name to view display ad!)
Mt. Kisco, NY   (914)241-7030

    Dr. Barbara Gordon-Cohen, D.O.
Cranial Therapy, Complementary Medicine,
Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine,
Bio-identical Hormone Treatment
Spring Valley, N.Y. (845) 629-1233
Fax: (845) 352-1099

    Hudson Valley Wellness Center
Vladimir Bougaenko, L.Ac., D.Ay, Ph.D.
Spring Valley, NY    (845)371-2740

Yonkers, NY    (845)337-5868

     Schachter Center for Complementary Medicine
Two Executive Blvd., Suite 202
Suffern, NY   (845)368-4700

    Windows To The Sky
Wellness and Reiki Center offering 
yoga, healing, meditation, and more!
Chester, NY   (845)469-5593

    Rebecca L. Holt, MA, HHC
Bright Moves LLC
Tutoring with the body in mind: Bright Moves holistic approach to
tutoring integrates movement and nutrition for optimal learning.
New Age Center, Suite C
Nyack, NY 10960
(845) 348-1870
Websites: and



Holographic Repatterning (“HR”) is a mind-body therapy that works at a “core” or blueprint level to clear patterns of interference that keep us from greater vitality, joy and fulfillment. It also helps us come into alignment with all that is life enhancing and positive. It is very helpful for getting unstuck, eliminating long-standing patterns and creating positive momentum.

Holographic Repatterning is fast and effective because it addresses the energetic blueprint holding our limitations in place, and asks the body directly—through kinesiology, or muscle checking-- what is needed for healing. We select the healing modality that will most easily clear the pattern, from a “menu” with many options. For example, we may do eye movements, breathing patterns, tuning forks, or movements for brain activation.

Repatterning facilitates easy, natural and rapid change in any area of life such as creating physical well-being, happier relationships, or business success. It’s a powerful process that can be used alone or to enhance the benefits of psychotherapy, coaching, self- help or recovery, fitness & weight loss programs, as well as medical treatment (conventional or alternative). Sessions happen in person or by phone, and can also be done for non-verbal clients such as babies, young children, and animals.

> (Official website of the Holographic Repatterning Association)
> The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot
> Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert
> The Role of Music in the 21st Century by Fabien Maman
> Message from Water by Masaru Emoto (

  Holographic Repatternin Practitioners Listed Below:     

    Ellen Shapiro, MBA
Holistic Therapist, Bodyworker & Group Leader
Certified in Holographic Repatterning,
Polarity, Gestalt and Reiki
Montclair, NJ and NYC 973-655-1745y


 Holotropic breathwork       

HOLOTROPIC BREATHWORK —Developed by Stanislav Grof, M.D., and Christina Grof, Holotropic BreathworkTM is an experiential method for opening the unconscious and integrating our physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. The process combines deep breathing and evocative music to access an altered state of consciousness in which our own inner healer can function at its best. Focused bodywork may also be used to assist us in overcoming long-entrenched blocks. Creative artwork and group sharing enrich and complete our experiences.

Within each of us lies the power to heal lifelong wounds and to make ourselves whole again. We access this power when we let go of body and mind and unlock the chamber of the spirit using our own breath.

Holotropic BreathworkTM has proved to be an effective aid in treating many disorders, including addiction, co-dependency, and family dysfunction. It goes beyond traditional verbal exchange therapy to provide a real sense of wholeness and peace. 

Suggested Reading:
The Adventure of Self-Discovery;   Holotropic Mind; Spiritual
Emergency—Stanislav Grof



Homeopathy is derived from the Greek word “Homoios” meaning like or similar. This natural system of medicine, known to the ancient Greeks, bases its practice on treating like with like. This Homeopathic principle is based on treating an illness with a substance that produces, in a healthy person, similar symptoms to those experienced by the sick person.

Homeopathy views symptoms as the body's natural reaction in fighting the illness and, unlike conventional medicine, seeks to stimulate them rather than suppress them. Sometimes called the Royal Medicine, Homeopathy is utilized by England's Royal Family.

Suggested Reading:
>Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicine;
    Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century;
    Discovering Homepathy
; and The Patient’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicine— Dana Ullman, et. al.
>Homeopathic Medicine at Home— Panos & Heimlich

  Homeopathy Practitioners Listed Below:     

    Weleda Apothecary
Natural Pharmacy, Homeopathy Herbals, 
Skin Care, Vitamins, Supplements, Gifts
Chestnut Ridge, NY   (845)352-6165

    Jane Cicchetti, RSHom (NA), CCH
Classical Homeopathy
Booton Township, NJ   (973)402-8510



Huna- Hawaiian spirituality is a profound system for connecting with your spirituality, the earth, your body and your emotions. The Malaka traditions offers attunements (initiations) for working with the ancient and powerful Cross of Fire, harmonizing the tree selves, enjoying Life, Subconscious clearing, working with the charkas and meridians in a very deep way, working with the heart charkas of the sun and more.

Suggested reading:
>Energy Blessings from the Stars by Virginia Essene & Irving Feurst
>Transform Your Cellular Water Field Tape by Irving Feurst

Lorreta Metzeg, certified teacher Spiritual Unfoldment Network
Workshops offered at New Age Center, Nyack and Midtown Mahattan
P.O. Box 811, Hartsdale, NY 10530 (914) 472-0332
E-mail    -
Website -



Hypnotherapy is a technique using hypnosis which reaches into the subconscious mind for solutions to problems the conscious mind has been unable to cope with. The subconscious, which seems to be both wiser and more open to new ideas than the conscious, facilitates hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy often shortcuts the search for the cause of a psychological problem. Hypnosis is a waking state; the hypnotized person remains in full control of his or her behavior, and usually is able to recall the whole experience. Many people have learned to hypnotize themselves as a regular adjunct to their daily lives.

Suggested Reading:
>The Complete Guide to Hypnosis— Leslie M. LeCron
>Self-Hypnosis—Elaine Sheehan
>Personal Change Through Self- Hypnosis—Pam Young
>Hypnosis for Change—José Hadley and Carol Standachen

  Hypnotherapy Practitioners Listed Below:     

    Tribeca Hypnosis & Healing Institute, Trudy Beers, Ph.D
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Hypnotherapy certification
Hypnochildbirth certification
Ericksonian hypnotherapy certification


    Suzanne Brennan
River of Light Energy Vision Healing
Nyack, NY  (845)348-2991

    Christine Ogasawara
New Jersey Hypnocounselor and
Certified Hypnotherapist

Montvale NJ (201) 573-0026
Cell: (201) 240-9017


     Dr. Elide Solomont
"Finding Answers Within"  --also for Addictions
(Dr. Solomont also speaks French & Italian)
Author of: "You Are Who You Hate" --available at Nirvana Bookstore.

New York: (212)477-2600
New Jersey:

    Healing Wisdom (click on name to view display ad!)
Dorothy Whitton MS, RN, HNC,CHt.
Healing Touch Hands on Energy Healing,
Synergistic Deep Release & Balancing
Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapy
Nyack, NY   (845) 323-5171

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