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 I CHING:  The Book of Changes

I Ching is considered to be the Oldest Oracle & Book of Conduct on Earth. It is at least 1500 years older than Confucius, who added commentaries to the lines of the sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching. It is used to predict events, but more often as a way to promote self-development and to contact one’s Higher Self. Situations or observed moments, usually created by the toss of three coins or yarrow stalks, define one of sixty-four elemental states of being represented by the hexagrams. Through interpretation, the querant knows both the question and route intended for him or her.

Suggested Reading:
>I Ching—Wilhelm/Baynes
>I Ching—John Blofeld
>The Philosophy of the I Ching— Carol Anthony

 I Ching Practitioners listed below:         


 Imaging            --See also Eidetic Imaging

Janet Bloom
M.F.A., C.I.T.
Certified Eidetic Imaging Trainer
Lake Peekskill, NY   (914)528-3695


 Interfaith Ministry     

Interfaith Ministry is a new universal and all-inclusive approach toward religion in today's world. Interfaith Ministers are ordained and licensed. Their services are fully legal and legitimate.

The religious and spiritual teachings of several diverse traditions are drawn upon in the creation of worship services and ceremonies, i.e., weddings, funerals, baby namings, memorial services, etc. Spiritual counseling and guidance is an important component in the Interfaith Ministry.

This approach may appeal to those who are non-religious yet deeply spiritual, those who would like to incorporate a more universal approach with the practices of the religion of their birth, and those who are in relationships or marriages with people of different religions.

Suggested Reading:
>The World’s Religions--Huston Smith
>Oneness—Jeffrey Mose
>Introducing Spirituality into Counseling and Therapy
--Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

 Interfaith Ministry Practitioners Listed Below:     

    Rev. Maureen Burwell-Orfino-Pollinger
Creative, Personalized and Interfaith Weddings
Nyack, NY   (845)353-4769

Rev. Ken Pollinger, Ph.D
Nyack, NY   (845)358-6448
Transitional Ceremonies (Funerals)
Officiates at creative weddings and assists in
creating personal baptism ceremonies
Creative weddings are available at the Point of Infinity



Iridology is the analysis of the iris of the eye, which reveals pertinent information about the condition of the body. Acting as an early warning system, Iridology can indicate genetic and functional weaknesses, tissue and organ condition, areas of nutritional depletion and need, areas of inflammation and toxicity, and the general body constitution. This information is acquired by “reading” the fiber and markings of the iris, which (to the well trained eye of the Iridologist) is indicative of specific body areas and the corresponding conditions.

Suggested Reading:

>Visions of Health—Jensen & Bodeen
>Iridology Simplified and Science and Practice of
         Iridology—Both by Bernard Jensen

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 Jin shin do    

JIN SHIN DO BODYMIND ACUPRESSURE—“The Way of Compassionate Spirit” is a complete and gentle approach to body work that is a synthesis of traditional ancient acupuncture principles, Taoist philosophy and Western psychological thinking.

  Jin Shin Do offers a view of the individual in which chronic patterns of body tension or armoring are linked to attitudinal states. Gentle but concentrated finger pressure is used to relieve tension or blockage along energetic pathways or meridian to help establish a more harmonious, smooth flow. In its most basic form, Jin Shin Do is easy to learn by both health care professionals and lay persons alike. 

Suggested Readings:
>Acupressure Way of Health: Jin Shin Do—Ima Marsaa Teeguarden



There are many Journaling methods, but perhaps the best known is that created by the noted Jungian psychologist, Ira Progroff. Called the Intensive Journal, it helps one gain new perspectives, clarity and insights on one’s life as a whole. One learns an effective method to break free from self-defeating patterns and to ease situations of stress and conflict.

The writing draws on one’s intuitive powers and becomes a psychological tool for re-focusing one’s life and making decisions about future steps. The Journal process is evocative rather than analytical and judgmental, and frequently assists one in the writing of a spiritual biography.

Suggested Reading:
>At a Journal Workshop—Ira Progroff
>Life's Companion—Christina Baldwin
>Your Mythic Journey—Sam Keen & Anne Valley-Fox
>The Story of Your Life (Spiritual Biography)—Dan Wakefield

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 Kabbalah & Meditation    

Kabbalah emerged as a distinct mystical movement within Judaism in medieval Europe. 
The Hebrew word kabbalah means literally “that which has been received,” and Kabbalistic wisdom is thought by some to be the original divine revelation. Kabbalah also refers to the state of receptivity that enables one to encounter the divine in the present moment.

The Kabbalistic “Tree of Life” transmits divine grace upon our world and also provides a safe structure for ascension to the divine realms. The Kabbalist yearns for the experience of direct contact with the divine and the recovery of cosmic consciousness without renouncing the world. According to Kabbalah every human action here on earth affects the divine realm, and it is up to us to actualize divine potential in the world. Kabbalah is a symbolic interpretation of the inner life of the creator that reveals the mysteries of creation and illuminates our own divine nature.

Suggested Reading:
>Kabbalah: Your Path to Inner Freedom
Ann Williams-Heller
>The Mystic Quest:
    An Introduction
to Jewish Mysticism—David Ariel
>The Way of Splendor: Jewish Mysticism and
Jason Aronson
>Kabbalah for the Layman—Rabbi Berg
>The Fruits of the Tree of Life: The Cabbalistic Tradition—
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
>Meditation and The Bible & Jewish Meditation
    Aryeh Kaplan
>A History of God- Karen Armstrong


 Kabbalah & Meditation    

   Traditionally, kinesiology had been the study of movement.  With the advent of Applied Kinesiology (AK) in 1964 by Dr. George Goodheart, chiropractor, kinesiology would never be the same.  It has developed into a leading branch of natural, conservative health care practiced primarily by doctors of chiropractic.
     There have been many techniques developed using kinesiology over the last 30 years.  Treatment may incorporate nutrition, herbs, soft tissue manipulation, meridian/acupoint therapy, cranial work, lymphatic stimulation, chiropractic adjustments, and many other noninvasive techniques.

    Suggested Reading:  
Touch For Health
—Dr. John Thie,   D.C.
Applied Kinesiology, Synopsis
Dr.   David Walther, D.C. 


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