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    Christine Ogasawara
Using a meditative state to clear the root
and sexual charkas through light touch

Montvale NJ (201) 573-0026
Cell: (201) 240-9017



Shamanism is the world’s most ancient spiritual and healing practice. It has existed for thousands of years in all areas of the planet, serving no exclusive doctrines or guru.

Shamanic practices enrich people’s lives by facilitating the integration of matter and spirit. Alternative reality states are sometimes entered to help find the inner light, love, and laughter that are our divinely given birthrights.

Shamanism integrates personal healing, a love of nature, and respect for the sacred, with a passion for exploring the unknown. Shamanic activities can involve sacred rituals, such as sweat lodges and drumming circles to facilitate entering deeply into sacred domains of expanded consciousness. Other important shamanic healing forms include sacred movement and sounding.

Suggested Reading:
>The Way of the Shaman—Michael Harner
>Shamanic Experience—Kenneth Meadows
>Shamanism: A Beginner’s Guide—Dolfyn
>Shamanic Voices—Joan Halifax

 Shamanic Practitioners Listed Below:         

    Theresa Snyder, Shamanic Healer
Soul Retrieval, Extraction & more
Tarrytown, NY            914-366-4011



Shiatsu Therapy is a form of manipulation administered by thumbs, fingers and palms without the use of any instruments, mechanical or otherwise, to apply pressure to the human skin to correct internal malfunctioning, promote and maintain health and treat specific diseases.

Shiatsu can also be defined as “one point pressure” that combines many varieties of rhythmical and changing stimulation. The pressure is applied to the acupuncture points which are located on the meridians. The meridians are pathways of energy upon which these acupuncture points are located. Most of these meridians are connected to or associated with a specific body organ and function. The actual points themselves are areas on the meridians where energy collects and is focused.

The purpose of Shiatsu Therapy is to help bring balance and harmony to the individual through the techniques described. The premise is that once the individual's own energy flows in a balanced, harmonious and unimpaired fashion, then his or her own natural healing power is unblocked and will correct and heal physical malfunctions.

Suggested Reading:
>The Book of Shiatsu—Saul Goodman
>The Shiatsu Handbook—Yamamoto & McCarty
>Do It-Yourself Shiatsu—Wataru Ohashi
>Acupressure's Potent Points— Michael Reed Gach


 Silva Mind MEthod     

It has been said that Einstein used only 10% of his mind, and the general public uses only 3% or 4%. And that’s what the Silva Method is all about: Learning to use more of your mind. Dr. José Silva conducted 22 years of research prior to offering the first course to the public in 1966. The Silva Method is now being offered in 107 countries in 29 different languages, and boasts an estimated 14 million graduates.

The Silva Method trains the participant to function with awareness at the alpha and theta brainwaves, thereby increasing the right brain function, i.e., creativity and intuitive faculties. The result is that the graduate will use more of their minds for practical problem solving, resulting in a more productive, happy, and healthy life.

There are four courses: MC101 offers you the art of Controlled relaxation. It teaches you how to reach within seconds a level of profound insight in which the mind achieves extraordinary ability to control vital energy for the body, as well as aid in the solution of problems without stress or strain. This offers the individual increased efficiency, concentration, relaxation, self-control, creativity, and learning capacity invaluable to all of us in this high-paced, stressful world.

MC202 expands consciousness by improved image creation and visualization, further enhancing creativity and memory. These methods aid in the unconscious solution to problems.

MC303 uses the knowledge and experience gained in MC101 and MC202 to enable you to extend your controlled awareness into the subconscious. You will create mental tools to enhance your intuitive factor and to obtain information beyond the basic five senses. This “sixth sense” empowers you to develop creative solutions to any of life’s challenges.

MC404 allows you to experience the power of your own mind. You will obtain information intuitively about the health history of individuals being provided with only the name, age, sex, and hometown of each subject. This practical exercise convinces you of your learned inner skills and thrusts you forward to create the life you deserves and desire, and to make this planet a better world to live in.

Graduate meetings are conducted at The New Age Center the last Sunday morning of each month for those who desire to expand their talents and understanding of the method. Always call (845) 358-6448 to confirm.

Suggested Reading:
>The Silva Mind Control Method—José Silva with Philip Miele
>You the Healer—José Silva

  Silva Mind Method  Practitioners Listed Below:      

John Felitto
Pearl River, NY  (845)735-4284

     The Silva Method of Mind Development and Motivational Training
by Alice M. Konyves, CSMI (Certified Silva Method Instructor)
Seminars are held in
Mahwah, New Jersey
Please call 201 666-8569 or e-mail:
web page:


  Skin Care             --see also Facial Rejuvenation

    Cloud Nine Skin Care  (click name to view display ad!)
Helene Heitzner
Facials, body waxing, body treatments
Nyack, NY   (845)638-9561

    Scepter of Light
High quality, holistic skin care ~ waxing available
Ramsey, NJ   (201)818-5100



SOMATICS—Building on the foundation laid by Moshe Feldenkrais, Thomas Hanna's groundbreaking work completely redefines the body's potential for withstanding decline. His gentle program for the mind and body proves once and for all that so many problems we accept as inevitable over time, such as chronic stiffness, bad back, chronic pain, fatigue, and, at times, even high blood pressure, need never occur if we maintain conscious control of nerve and muscle, replacing Sensory-Motor Amnesia with Sensory-Motor Awareness. The good news about Somatic Exercise is that most people simply do not have to become captives of age or injury. Once learned, this lifelong program can help almost anyone maintain the pleasures of a supple, healthy body indefinitely, with only a five-minute routine once a day. 

Suggested Readings:
>Somatics: Reawakening The Mind's Control of Movement, Flexibility and Health—Thomas Hanna


Social Groups for conscious individuals         

Our Circle of Friends I, II, III
A Social Group of Conscious individuals Devoted to
Personal Development and community consciousness
Susan (201-750-0535) 


 Sound Therapy           

Sound Therapy is a technique which involves listening in a relaxed state to selected sound/music in order to elicit mental images, symbols and deep feelings arising from the deeper conscious self. Healing takes place with a combination of sound/music listening, relaxation, and the responses generated by the stimulus.

Sound therapy employs environmental sounds, non-traditional atonal music, silences and archetypal sounds which have ancient significance. Pitch and rhythm solicit conscious and non-conscious material. Through techniques of exploration of our inner space and sound therapy we are guided into altered states of consciousness. Ordinary perception and cognition are bypassed and regions of transcendence and mystery are explored. By avoiding music imposed by our personal, social or cultural need we feel liberated, non-attached. These sonorous images become objects for contemplation, and we experience the wholeness of the holistic resonance. Listeners experience symbols removed from the profane reality of everyday life. This primal music has solved personal and collective problems, has fostered creativity, therapeutic intervention, self-understanding, trans-personal experience, holistic healing and personal growth.

Suggested Reading:
>Music, Physician for Times to Come—D. Campbell
>Sounding the Inner Landscape— Kay Gardner
>Sound Therapy for the Walkman—Patricia Joudry
>Sound Energetics—Helena Reilly
>You are Who You Hate: Healing with Music--Dr. Elide Solomont

  Sound Healing Therapy Practitioners Listed Below:     

     Dr. Elide Solomont
"Heal yourself through the imagery of music"  
(Dr. Solomont also speaks French & Italian)
Author of: "You Are Who You Hate" --available at Nirvana Bookstore.

New York: (212)477-2600
New Jersey:



     Hannah Winginit, M.S.T., C.Ht.
Graduate of Delphi University in Metaphysics
Nyack, NY   (845)727-4184



     Rental space at The New Age Center:
For various practitioner & group spaces!
1) New Age Center (1 South Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960): (845)358-6448
2) American Legion Hall (85 Piermont Ave, Nyack, NY 10960):  (845)356-5613
3) Point of Infinity Retreat Center (P.O. Box 33, 101 Red Star Rd., Greenfield Park, NY 12435): (845)358-6448
 A 38-acre healing/conference/retreat center located in the Catskills near Ellenville, NY. Spiritual gatherings, workshops, camping.

  Spirit Art Readings       

A spirit art reading is a unique form of psychic reading that utilizes pastels on paper. Colors are taken from the client’s aura and information is channeled for the client’s highest good. This information forms a picture of the client’s future direction, giving insight for spiritual, emotional, and physical development. Angels, guides, and spirit healers often appear in the drawing as they give their messages. A spirit art reading is a piece of art that reflects the client’s true inner beauty and potential, and is a reading that can be kept forever.


 Spirit Releasment Therapy      

Spirit Releasement Therapy helps remove spirit attachments, 
extraterrestrials, negative entities and their effects.



     Martha Snee
In person or by phone ~ Major Credit Cards Accepted
Bergen County, NJ   (201)896-1391

     Ellen Marie Drake
Spiritual Counseling
Chestnut Ridge, NY   (845)426-3693
Cell phone: (914)552-5309

     Rev. Ken Pollinger, Ph.D.
Spiritual Counseling: Religions, All Spiritual Paths
Officiates at creative weddings and assists in
creating personal baptism ceremonies\
Nyack, NY   (845)358-6448

    Fr. Aristide Bruni, CCSH
Seymour, CT
(203) 732-9047


 Spiritual Paths      

Each person is a unique being and therefore may find his or her own path or meandering primarily through his or her own intuitive heart evaluations. Since the spiritual journey or awakening is one of shedding layer after layer until you arrive at your real essence (the full spirit of God within) you may need to have many spiritual experiences with different paths before choosing one in depth, and yet you must go on to freedom by honoring your own truth (and not be trapped by any one path) by tapping into the wisdom lying within you, which will guide you in your journey.

Suggested Reading:
>Care of the Soul—Thomas Moore
>A Path With Heart—Jack Kornfield
>The Varieties of Religious Experience—William James


 Spiritual Support Groups      

This type of group meets periodically in order to explore, strengthen, and receive the support of others for one’s personal spiritual growth/practice, as well as to assist others in their paths.

The key idea is to develop a daily spiritual practice suitable to one’s lifestyle and daily schedule. Themes include such practices as meditation, spiritual reading, discussion of spiritual topics, types of daily mindfulness techniques adapted to each person. For more information, please call the New Age Center at (845) 358-6448.

Suggested Reading:
>The Celestine Prophecy, The Tenth Insight, 
    The Celestine Vision,
and The Secrets of Shambhala—James Redfield
>Conversations With God (Books I , II, III and Guidebooks
     and Friendship With God)—
Neale Donald Walsch
>Ordinary Magic: Everyday Life as Spiritual Path—John Welwood


 Spiritual Surgeons    

SPIRITUAL SURGEONS—These healers, through certain principles and energies, act as mediums of the powers of God.  Through the natural powers of healing, they can put all things back in their rightful order and regain spiritual and physical affinities. Just as there are cases which cannot be treated by doctors, not all illness or suffering can be cured by the Spiritual Surgeons. 

Suggested Readings:
>The Truth Behind The Spiritual Julie Whitescarver
>Psychic Healing—David St. Clair
>Healing Hands
—Bernard Hutton


 Spiritual work       

Many ancient traditions are now making available to the public esoteric energies (through attunements or initiations) and information from certain lineages. These initiations have been used for thousands of years to accelerate a person's personal and spiritual evolution. Workshops topics: Angels, Antahkarana, Crystals, Drisana (Tibetan/Mystery school), Egyptian, Huna (Hawaiian), Karma, Meditation, Meridian Clearing, preTaoist, star and planetary initiations.

Suggested reading:
>Energy Blessings from the Stars by Virginia Essene & Irving Feurst
>Transform Your Cellular Water Field Tape by Irving Feurst

Lorreta Metzeg, certified teacher Spiritual Unfoldment Network
Workshops offered at New Age Center, Nyack and Midtown Mahattan
P.O. Box 811, Hartsdale, NY 10530 (914) 472-0332
E-mail    -
Website -



 Structural Integration           --See Rolfing

     Andre Fritz
Body-Centered Counseling and
Treatment for sexual/emotional abuse

Rockland & Orange  (845)268-7782


 Sufi Studies       

The Sufi way is an ancient, mystical path originating in the Middle East. The various spiritual practices include chanting, prayer, zikr and study of sacred text. The Sufi was is the path of the deep love and mercy of God and is imbued with the qualities and intent of opening the heart to the deepest aspect of the Divine. 

For more information, contact the Shadhuli Sufi Center for Healing and Mystical Studies at:

     Shadhuli Sufi Center
Mahwah, NJ  (201)828-9198 


 Sustainable communities        

SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES NETWORK is a non-profit organization formed to serve as a catalyst for creating a sustainable society in the Hudson Valley — socially, environmentally, and economically.  To us, this means a society in which people come together to foster self-reliance, create responsive institutions and promote a healthy local economy that serves the common good and respects the environment.  It is a principle whose practical side is being discovered in our time through the experiments of thousands of people and their communication.

  We are a network formed to promote and support that communication.  Our home base is in Ulster County, but we serve the entire valley.  We offer a variety of benefits to members and a high-quality educational program for the community.

We support:

• Safe, resource-efficient shelter

• Healthy food and farms

• Ecological economics and meaningful work

• Participatory democracy and community-building

• Social, cultural, and spiritual renewal

• Ecosystem preservation

• Environmentally sophisticated land-use planning

Current projects include:

Sustainability Resource Center— books, videos, and on-line resources for members and neighbors

Community Visioning Series— engaging citizens in deciding what progress means where they live, in selected communities throughout the region

Sustainability Forum— monthly discussion groups that focus on various aspects of sustainability

Sustainable Livelihoods Support Groups

Valley-wide Educational Campaign— to familiarize the community with principles of sustainable living.

  The Network is dedicated to helping its members and the community at large to function in ways that promote human and ecological well-being.  We collaborate with other non-profit organizations, businesses, and government agencies to provide education, information, and support in these areas.

  Any individual or organization with a commitment to sustainability is welcome to join us.  Please let us hear your ideas; we can help make them happen.

For more information, please call (914) 687-0239 or write to:

      The Hudson Valley Sustainable Communities Network
PO Box 116
Cottekill, NY 12419-0116


 Sweat Lodges           

Sweat-Lodge ceremonies are an ancient mind and body experience designed to bring health, well-being and eventual clarity of true spiritual vision to each of the participants of a Lodge. Medicine Men for centuries have conducted Lodges as a form of Natural Therapy that heals individual wounds and brings unity to the group.

Suggested Reading & Videos:
Path of Power—Sun Bear
>Rolling Thunder —Doug Boyd

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  Tai Chi Chuan      

The forms of the Tai Chi Chuan are a traditional Chinese approach to exercise, meditation, and personal growth. Practiced both for health and self-defense, its graceful, flowing movements are at the same time beautiful, healthful and powerful. Its practice promotes an inner calm and a tranquil attitude, enhancing self-awareness. Tai Chi springs from emptiness and is born of nature. It is the source of motion and tranquility and the mother of Yin and Yang.

The body weight or center of gravity sinks into the abdomen and trunk of the body, thus allowing a more relaxed and deep breathing. With the mind quieted, the heart beat slows down, and different muscular, neurological, glandular, and organ systems function in a more balanced fashion. The practice of Tai Chi Chuan is harmony and understanding of the 
ways of the world.

Suggested Reading and Videos:
>Movement of Magic—Bob Klein
>Tai Chi: The Supreme Ultimate— Lawrence Galante
>T’ai-Chi Ch’uan: Embracing the Pearl—Robert Chukrow
>Video: Tai Chi for Health—Dunn



     The Healing Tao Center of NJ
Consultations, Treatments, Classes
Northern NJ / Rockland



Tarot is a body of visual symbols in the form of a deck of cards. It combines images with specific meanings that, like archetypes in our dreams, refer to the two levels of human existence: the outer (or everyday experiences in our lives such as love, worries, finances, creative enterprises, etc.), and the inner (or soul- developing experiences common to all people). Relying on right-brain intuitional data, and rooted in Western mystical traditions of Astrology, Kabbalah, Alchemy, and Numerology, its operation is based on the principle of synchronicity, much like the I Ching, and is similarly useful for receiving revelatory insight, or guidance from Above.

Through its interpretation one can gain awareness regarding such things as successful decisions, self-destructive actions, helpful partnerships, foolish attitudes, and so forth.

Suggested Reading:
>Tarot for Your Self—Mary Greer
>Tarot Made Easy—Nancy Green
>Tarot: A New Handbook for the Apprentice—Eileen Connolly
>Tarot For Every Day—Cait Johnson
>Tarot Dictionary and Compendium —Jana Riley

 Tarot Practitioners Listed Below:      

Tarot, rune, & specialty readings

     Sunder Devi
Spiritual motivator: clairvoyant, tarot, palmistry,
master healer, shakti massage, ceremonies
West Nyack
(845) 405-1165



The study of God from a rational point of view, attempting to understand the Infinite thru finite minds.

    Fr. Aristide Bruni, CCSH
Seymour, CT
(203) 732-9047



THERAPEUTIC TOUCH is a laying-on of hands therapeutic technique, developed by Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., R.N., in the 1970s in the United States. It is used extensively by registered nurses in hospitals to nurture premature babies and to increase the recovery of some patients, including in the emergency room. Gentle

and non-invasive, it works on and above the body. Using a meditative process, therapeutic touch disperses blocked energy and allows the practitioner to channel healing energy to the client.

Suggested Readings:
>Therapeutic Touch; Therapeutic   Touch: Inner Workbook; and Accepting Your Power To Heal— Dolores Krieger
>The Power of Touch—Phyllis Davis
>Therapeutic Touch: A Practical   Guide—J. Macrae



TRAGERWORK is a bodywork therapy developed by American medical practitioner Dr. Milton Trager in the 1920s. It makes extensive use of touch-contact and encourages the patient to experience the “freeing-up” of different parts of the body. Tragerwork consists of simple exercises called Mentastics and deep, non-intrusive hands-on Tragerwork, consisting of fluid, gentle, rocking movements.  The idea is to use motion in the muscles and joints to produce positive sensory feelings which are then fed back into the central nervous system. The result is a feeling of lightness, freedom and flexibility.

Suggested Reading:
>Trager Mentastics
Milton Trager



The trance channel goes into a self-induced trance and allows a spirit entity to speak through his or her voice. An ancient practice, it was done by the Greek Oracles of Delphi. In trance, the channel is better able to facilitate the spirit’s message without censorship or coloring. Through a trance channel, a spirit can explore the energy of a person or group, make observations about their relationships or work, and examine past lives and present opportunities. It can offer a spirit’s perspective of a world without judgment, and show how our lives are vitally important to the progress of humanity and its place in the universe.

 Trance Channeling Practitioners Listed Below:     

    Cullen McVoy (click name to view display ad!)
Montclair, NJ    (973)744-5735


 Transformational Breathwork       

Transformational Breathwork is a natural technique of diaphragmatic breathing that can be easily learned and patterned in the body. Its purpose is one of deep healing and removal of emotional, physical and/or mental blocks. Transformation Breathwork is an outgrowth of Rebirthing, Vivation, and other breath techniques. The Transformation facilitator safely and gently guides the breather to a deep state of awareness of oneself and one's connection to all of life.

Suggested Reading:
>Science of Breath—Swami Rama, Rudolph Ballentine, M.D., Alan Hymes, M.D.
>Vivation—Jim Leonard and Phil Laut


Transpersonal Counseling      

Transpersonal Counseling is a counseling approach that incorporates the “fourth force” in psychology. This includes spirituality as a major factor to be united with modern concepts of psychology. It begins with the basic premise that we are more than our bodies, minds, emotions, and behaviors. The individual is understood to have a natural tendency toward growth and wholeness that includes transpersonal (beyond personal) levels of being.

As people learn to identify and release unwanted styles of behavior, those patterns can be transformed into constructive and creative energies. Everyday problems and situations are addressed as one moves on a spiritual path toward life-goals, self-actualization, and transcendent states of being.

Incorporating such principles as karma, mystical states, and peak experiences, a variety of tools may be utilized including meditation and prayer. By expanding on traditional concepts of self/Self, practitioner and client journey together to access vast realms of human potential. Jung and Assagioli (psychosynthesis) developed 

brilliant systems that began psychology’s “fourth force.” Progoff (holistic depth psychology) and Maslov were other major contributors.

Suggested Reading:
>The Inward Arc—Frances Vaughn
>Beyond Ego—Roger N. Walsh and Frances Vaughn
>No Boundary—Ken Wilber

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