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38-acre Catskill Retreat Center

P.O. Box 33 - 101 Red Star Rd.  ~  Greenfield Park, NY   (845) 647-8834

  Community Ideals  

Comments from the
Steward of the Land:

Having just finished reading The Secret of Shambhala by James Redfield and reviewing his two other major books, The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight, I couldn't help but think that it would be great to try to live by the insights in his books and attempt to build an ideal spiritual culture.  The intended future of humanity thereby promoting the divine plan where spiritual understanding is more important than money and control and our focus would entirely on spiritual evolution (the life process itself) "which will necessitate everyone becoming more intuitive and alert and focused on synchronistic perception as a way of life."

To bring the whole world into full spiritual awareness so our emerging community will be based on the Insights, Legends and Principles of the Celestine Prophecy, The Tenth Insight, The Secrets of Shambhala by James Redfield and the works of Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God, Vols I, II, and III, Friendship with God, Communion with God,  along with other authors/philosophers. Also by replacing the Gregorian Calendar with the Mayan Calendric System - A Sacred Calendar of the Evolution of Consciousness - we can more readily attune to the 260 different Light Energies of the Christ Consciousness coming in and be more responsive co-creators of the Divine Plan.

The focus will be on creating a Shambhala Temple of Compassion so as to establish yet another prayer-field calling on the angels to amplify our energy and directing this force on many key situations in the world that will hopefully make a difference in the spiritual evolution of our planet and universe.  Of course, relevant teachings of many other "enlightened" beings and spiritual paths will be incorporated.

Overview of Our Vision

For detailed books about each of these steps of the Consciousness Ladder visit: and click onto The Ladder of Consciousness


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