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Introducing Authors/Themes


Some years ago the New Age Center hosted the very successful "Philosopher's Feast" by showing excellent and stimulating videos on a multitude of fascinating topics.

We are instituting it once again--only with a twist.

This time around we'll recommend that a specific book be read by the author being interviewed on the video--doing this, hopefully, we'll attract some interesting people who would like to expand their minds and partake of GREAT DISCUSSIONS.

A) This way if you've read the book, GREAT You'll be able to enter into more depth about the author and subject matter presented.

B) YET, if you didn't have the time, money, energy or interest to buy and read the book, you can still take part in the FEAST by watching, at least, the video of the author or subject matter at the beginning of the FEAST, followed by discussion.

Over 300 videos with 200 leaders/authors interviewed.
Click here to see the list of topics/authors.

Or visit, click on Philosopher's Feast of the left.

Place: New Age Center, 2nd floor, Yoga Studio
Time: 8 PM
Day: Saturday night (every other week)
Cost: $5 donation
Dates: to be announced soon

NOTE: If there are some videos you want to see, and/or, some video/book that you are a SERIOUS student of and would like to be the Discussion Facilitator, please contact Ken by email or phone.; 845-358-6448. (Obviously, you can promote your own "service/practice/business" at that time)

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