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You Are Invited to...  

“Discover Your Power of Awareness” 

presented by the 

AHAM Meditation Retreat Center of Asheboro, NC

        Be Replenished by the Source Within

Experience Your Own Inherent Power of Awareness 


l    Learn how you can live and direct your life from this still "balance point" within you.


l Discover how to use your power of awareness to bring about natural, easy completion and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

l   Experience a simple and effective way to    

eliminate upset and stress, and remain 

centered in all circumstances.


l  Discover the “Seven Basic Truths” and  experience the “I AM” Centering Meditation.    


       Date & Time:                                                    Held at:

    Saturday,                                             New Age Center

   April 19, 2003                                                1 South Broadway

  1:00pm sharp – 4:00pm                       Nyack, NY 10960

                                                                Tele: 845-358-6448


                        NOTE:  Please see Driving Directions and Parking Instructions at the end.


Donations Gratefully Received.

Note: Please be on time and remain for the entire program. No one admitted after program begins.

Reservations Preferred. Everyone Welcome!


For reservations or more info, call Shujaat Qayyum at (914) 523 – 4671


AHAM (Association of Happiness for All Mankind)

4368 NC Hwy. 134  l  Asheboro, NC 27205 

Phone: (336) 381 - 3988  l  Fax: (336) 381 - 3881

E-mail: l Website:

 Seminar Leader: Stan Davis

Stan, a former newspaper publisher, is a meditation instructor and Power of Awareness trainer with the ASSOCIATION OF HAPPINESS FOR ALL MANKIND (AHAM).  AHAM is a non-profit spiritual education organization, which has a beautiful, tranquil 33-acre wooded meditation retreat and spiritual training center just south of Asheboro, NC.  AHAM’s Purpose and Mission is to provide programs and processes that empower individuals with the experience and ability to abide in their true self-nature, which is steady, unshakable Peace, Freedom and Happiness, while still actively functioning in daily life.  This is also called “being in the world, but not of the world,” meaning not being adversely affected by the ups and downs of day-to-day life, nor dependent on persons, places, events or things for one’s sense of well-being and fulfillment.  AHAM’s primary method for fulfilling its purpose is the dissemination of Self-Inquiry, the conscious transformational process for the Realization and Abidance in the true Self, or Source.

During his many years of study and practice under the personal guidance of his teacher, a man of conscious enlightenment, Stan himself realized that the consciousness transforming processes shared by AHAM provide the way and means to instantly connect with the divine Source, or God, the Universal Power.  These simple processes also enable one to align with this Universal Power in such a way to bring about completion and fulfillment in all areas and aspects of one’s life.  Stan now gratefully shares the AHAM Teaching with those who are open to receiving it, and who also wish to live and express their highest spiritual potential – now.


What people are saying about AHAM’s “Power of Awareness” Program

“I am experiencing completion, and the release of the major saboteurs in my life.  Consciousness is so wonderful!  This program is what will transform major portions of the world.  I’m sure my friends and loved ones would benefit tremendously from this program.  I’ve no doubt about that.”

– Kupenda Olusegun, Social Worker, Washington, DC

“I feel centered, peaceful and complete.  After experiencing one of AHAM’s programs, I feel that I can utilize AHAM’s processes to enrich my current spiritual life (path).  These processes will benefit me in all areas of my life.”

                                                                      – Mary Beth Bird, Attorney/Stay-at-home-Mom, Fletcher, NC

“What a fabulous program!  There is a feeling of peace, freedom and inner stillness.  I am the Source and Cause of my experience and this truth is clearly seen.  I feel complete and fulfilled.  This training will benefit me in all areas of my life including my relationship with family, friends and everyone I come in contact with.  Great Training!  The interactive quality keeps everyone in the flow.”

– Mary Minner, Public School Guidance Counselor, Burtonsville, Maryland

“What a wonderful, outstanding program!  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it did!  I am experiencing the Truth that I am not now and never have been a victim to anything or anyone.  I am the Source and Cause of my experience. Knowing and experiencing this is so freeing.”

                                                                                 - Faye Davis, University Professor, Alexandria, Virginia

"I am totally at peace and ease. I'm experiencing the freedom of honest and spontaneous self-expression. This training is my Heart's desire/dream. The training has completely transformed my life. Yes! This is what I've been looking for. This is so empowering. It is so simple, yet so effective, and so complete.”

                                               - John Shelor, Architect/Design Coordinator, Roanoke, Virginia




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