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 Nirvana Bookstore:
~~Located in the New Age Catacombs~~
(downstairs at rear of building in trellis alleyway)

(left) & inside (right) of Nirvana Bookstore

Many of our customers have told us that Nirvana Books is
one of the best metaphysical/spiritual/self-help bookstores on the East Coast!  
We invite you to come and see for yourself, 
Thursday thru Sunday (12 - 6 p.m.) in the New Age Catacombs
 at the New Age Center in Nyack
(downstairs at rear of building in trellis alleyway) 

We have access to thousands of books, videos and audio tapes
 on all subjects within the spiritual and self-help realm. 
>Click here for a list of the various categories< of the
books/videos/audios to which we have access from our
major distributor (New Leaf Books).

If you desire to order a particular title by mail, please call us
(845) 358-6448-- or email your request to


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