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  Point of Infinity  
The New Age Center's 
38-acre Catskill Retreat Center

P.O. Box 33 - 101 Red Star Rd.  ~  Greenfield Park, NY   (845) 647-8834


  Directions by Car and Bus with Maps:  


The Most Direct Route:

From Nyack, NYC, or NJ: Take NY State Thruway North (87N) to Harriman (exit 16). Take Route 17 West to exit 113. Coming off the ramp turn right onto Route 209N, go 9 miles to the center of Ellenville, and turn left onto Route 52 (at first traffic light). Go 5.5 miles to Post Office/Fire House on left. Take a sharp left at the P.O. onto Oak Ridge Road, and go 0.7 miles to the first right. Take left fork of right turn onto Red Star Road, and go 0.5 miles to the Point on left, the 3rd house on the left.

Most Scenic Route (but slower): Once on Route 17W, get off at EXIT 119 (Pine Bush Exit) and take a right onto 302-North, then 10 miles to Pine Bush (great views!). Turn left onto 52-West and go to Ellenville (12 miles). Go over the mountain and on the other side-- majestic & spectacular overlooks of the valley and Nevele Hotel. Continue to center of Ellenville and make left onto 209-South and go 1.8 miles. On your left, past the Nevele Grande Hotel--go to Jan's Bungalow Colony on your right: take first right turn after Colony, onto OAK RIDGE ROAD. Drive straight on Oak Ridge Road, up mountain for about 5 miles until you come to the FIRST STOP SIGN. Right before the stop sign you’ll be on an overpass over a stream, and if you look to the left you’ll see a waterfall. Turn left onto Red Star Road. (Go to the extreme left, as **Lucks Road is also on left**) Drive about 1/4 mile and once you pass two houses on the left, you’ll see our place (#101) soon — a large open field with cement walls and a few buildings. POINT OF INFINITY signs are posted.


Overall map


More detailed map.

Shortline Bus service from Port Authority Bus Terminal (41st St. & 8th Ave: phone 800-631-8405 or 212-736-4700).

To Ellenville from Port Authority: approx 2-1/4 hours. 

From Port Authority To Ellenville
8:30 am 10:39 am
5:30 pm 7:59 pm
8:30 pm 11:08 pm


From Ellenville To Port Authority
8:03 am 10:15 am
12:55 pm 3:10 pm
4:18 pm 6:45 pm

Effective: September 6, 2010

The Shortline Bus stops at Center & Market Streets. Please ask driver where the bus depot is and wait there to be picked up. Phone (845)647-7840.

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