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The New Age Center's 
38-acre Catskill Sanctuary & Awareness Center

Affordable Spirituality

P.O. Box 33 - 101 Red Star Rd.  ~  Greenfield Park, NY   (845) 647-8834

(The New Age Center, Nyack NY-- is an alternative educational 
non-profit corporation registered by the NY Department of State)

The Point of Infinity is located on a magical 38-acre wooded parcel in the astonishingly beautiful Catskill Mountains near Ellenville, NY.  The Point of Infinity has a peaceful atmosphere and an enchanted, mystical natural mountaintop plateau, ideal for ceremonies, rituals,dome-2a.jpg (43547 bytes) retreats and more.  Only two hours drive from New York City, The Point of Infinity offers potentialities in holistic-health, spiritual growth, and alternative living. 

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About the Founder
  3 Healing Center (Live Foods/Vegan/Vegetarian)
  4 Healing Offerings at the Point of Infinity
  5 Fasting/Cleansing Retreats
  6 Awareness Training Program / Awareness Facilitator Training School
Updated Vision of the Point of Infinity (March 2007)
8 Costa Rica Retreat and Community
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Close-by Activities.
11 What to bring.
A Monastic Experience
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14 Three Important Holistic Maps of the Catskill / Hudson River Valley Region
Unusual Happenings at the Point of Infinity
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Preview the possibilities of Building a Conscious Community,
        including Earth Changes, Homeland Security, Ideals, Proposal.   
18 Connect with the Peace Pole.
19 Learn about our Stone Circle.
20 See photos of the Greenhouse Dome Construction and Planting.
21 Directions by Car and Bus with Maps to the Point of Infinity.
Airports & Alternative Lodging
23 Bartering Opportunities

Contact us!
Inquiries are welcome!  If your dream in any way coincides with ours, please do not hesitate to contact the Steward of the land: 

Kenneth Pollinger, Ph. D.


P.O. Box 33 l Greenfield Park, NY 12435
(845) 647-8834

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