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  IV. Infinity's Point  


i. Introduction

I. “In the Beginning…”

II. Synchronistic Webs

III. Daily Encounters

IV. Infinity’s Point
    The Point of Infinity
    On Route 17
    To the Point
    An Enlightened Community
    The Mountain Top
    Out of Nowhere
    The Temple of Consciousness

V. BodyTemple

VI. Observations

VII. Enlightenment

VIII. Alternatives

IX. The New Age Center

X. “At the End…”

Vol. 2

XI. Enlightenment Poems

XII. Worldly Concerns

NOTE: On Monday, April 21, 2003, while working and resting at the Point of Infinity, the following lines presented themselves.

The Point of Infinity
by the Steward of the Land

  1. This holy land
    Awaits the seeker.
    Sacred, mystical, magical mountain-top
        cloaked in wild laurel.
    Silent as the stillness within,
    A heavenly stairway1.

  2. The Peace Pole2 welcomes
    Wild creatures greet us.
    Winds beckon from the Four Directions
    Father Sky blesses Mother Earth
        and all of us.

  3. The Tipi and Sweatlodges invite.
    The Druid Stone Circle's stones delight
    The Medicine Wheel attracts
    The Labyrinth a-mazes
    All Honoring the Mountain

  4. Native Spirits prevail3
    Pathways4 lead to the Unknown
    Follow your heart!

  5. Spiritual groups5 bless the hearth
    Enhancing all with their energies.
    Practice deepens the potential.
    The Unlimited offers infinite grace.

  6. What more can come?
    Only Spirit knows.
    Here, Beauty, Peace abide,
    And, all that you desire.
    Love6, above all.


  1. The topography of the Point of Infinity is such that it ascends in step-like gradations.

  2. The famous Peace Pole was created to be planted all over the world. It contains the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth.” Our Pole has English, Spanish, Mayan, and Tibetan languages.

  3. A few “psychics/sensitives” visiting the Point of Infinity have “seen/felt/sensed” the presence of many American Indian men, women, children and animals.

  4. There are many old logging trails to explore.

  5. “Spiritually-oriented” organizations/groups periodically rent out the Point of Infinity for activities.

  6. Love can be defined as: "recognize the other as yourself." Or, "accept what is, just as it is." Or, other significant definitions.

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On Route 171

  1. Approaching Exit 116 the noble mountains arise
    A more spectacular view passing Exit 114 in sight
    In the valley, on 209 N, looking East
    A majestic chain of glorious mountains appears
    Seemingly endless in length
    Tall, strong, spacious, magical.
    The images of Spaciousness evoking.
    Of all beings, the Divine Ground
    Opening the heart to perspectives wonder-ful.
    The longing for the Infinite igniting..

  2. Looking at these mountains moved can you not be?


  1. Each trip, I take Rte 17 from Nyack to the Point of Infinity. 

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To the Point1

  1. Into the car,
    Tolle tape played.
    My being shifts.
    More aware of Consciousness.
    Everything slows down.

  2. Progressive de-hypnotizing.2
    Of mind more clarity.
    Between thoughts more silence
    Tolle's soothing voice/profound thoughts
        the rising of covered-over Consciousness assists.
    Different world appears.

  3. Uplifted by the beauty of the
        noble Catskill Mountains,
    Silent immovable giants,
        just other delicious forms to enjoy3.
    Reminding that even these incredible beings
        are impermanent
    As Eckhart says "Even the Sun Will Die"4

  4. Overhanging leafy trees
        provide Red Star Road's archway,
        to the Point's entrance.
    Sunrays frequently - as God's
        fingers - burst through.
    Pulling into the Point
         - another world awaits.

  5. Arrival, finally.
    Tall magnificent trees greet me
    Total Silence holds sway.
    Mind and body melt into almost- Nothingness.
    Heart with great relief/joy sighs.
    How good to be back again!

  6. To share with others,
    A deep desire.
    Without attachment, however.
    All are invited.
    For de-compression, de-hypnotization.
    To see what emerges.

  7. Welcome!


  1. Did you get the Point? What's the Point anyway?
    Where's the Point? The Point of what? How can Infinity
    have a Point?
  2. Many see most people being hypnotized in a
    zombie-like environment: consumerism-entertainment hypnosis.
    Unconsciousness reigns supreme.
  3. "Our attraction to wide open spaces in nature -- the mysterious pull of unexplored lands, the vast horizon of the restless sea, or the boundless reaches of outer space -- is, at bottom, a longing to connect with the expansive dimension of our own nature.", Toward a Psychology of Awakening, by John Welwood.
  4. Hear Eckhart Tolle's audio "Even the Sun Will Die".

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An Enlightened Community

  1. The Point of Infinity,
    A community-in-the-making.
    Mutual support and cooperative action.
    Separateness/togetherness honored.

  2. Individual shelters with community structures
        Yurts, Geodesic Domes, Log Cabins, Straw-Bale creations,
        year-round organic produce in Greenhouse Growing Domes.
        Cordwood sauna plus hot tub visions
    And more to come. Perhaps a cordwood observatory?

  3. After waking, Gestalt Dreamwork explorations.
    Daily group meditations freely attended
    Enlightening all, a common spiritual library
        a taste of offering spiritual eclecticism1
    A Community cottage industry: building/installing
        Greenhouse Domes throughout the East
    Possible small animal farm to emerge.

  4. Sweatlodges, labyrinth walks, stone circle celebrations/ceremonies
    Yoga workouts, nature walks, shamanic vision quests, hiking and more
    Periodic healthy pot-luck community meals
        embellished with song, chanting, drumming.
    All of this and more depending upon participants2

  5. Whence come these thoughts? - From Consciousness, of course!

For example:

  1. Spiritual Enlightenment, by Jed McKenna,
    From Onions to Pearls and From Seekers to Finders, both by Satyam Nadeen,
    The Power of NOW
    ; and, Stillness Speaks, both by Eckhart Tolle,
    The Heart of Awareness
    (a translation of the Ashtavakra Gita), by Thomas Byron.
    Peace and Harmony in Daily Living, by Ramesh S. Balsekar (and his other 22 books).
    Thomas Merton's Path to Palace of Nowhere, by James Finley
    The Power of Pure Consciousness, by David Hawkins
    And more to be added...
  2. Wanted: your input/visions.

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The Mountain-Top

  1. Can Infinity have a Point?
    What is the Point of Infinity anyway?
    One place where the evolutionary impulse arrives!

  2. Some days, it's a Himalayan Cave,
        a personal retreat space.
    Other days, glorious group purification
        in Sweatlodges is powerful (Bhakti yoga).
    At times, karma-hours of hard work:
        cutting, digging, painting, moving,
        repairing, building, planning.
    Some times, the path of knowledge (Jnana Yoga)
        emerges from "Sage-like" books.
    Even Gestalt encounters present themselves
        for those needing such.

  3. People come and go.
    But throughout all, Stillness and Silence reign
    Allowing Presence to manifest once again
    "I am with you all times until the end of days."

  4. I thought I was the "doer."
    But slowly "doership" disappears, and
        my destiny, the will of Consciousness arises.
    The Ultimate Understanding1 appears
        as the Cosmic Plan unfolds.

  5. What better way to live?
    Peace and Harmony in Daily Living2
    Permanent tranquility and deep internal peace!


  1. The Ultimate Understanding: Consciousness is all there is.
  2. See Ramesh Balsekar's book by this title.

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Out of Nowhere

  1. Relaxing on the chaise-lounge
    Warm sun bathing the skin
    Enjoying ... and listening.

  2. From afar, out of nowhere,
    A wind-noise is heard.
    Suddenly upon me, a cool restoring breeze
    How delicious! How refreshing!

  3. Shift in direction, another powerful movement.
    The flag flutters from the wind.
    A stronger cooler blast of air,
    Overpowers the entire body.
    Feeling gratitude for its rejuvenating effect.

  4. Many different types of winds.
    From directions so varied.
    Subtle, strong, violent, moist, and more.
    Listening ... and feeling ...
    Blessed are the Winds reinvigorating.
    Stop, be aware, more often.

  5. A thought arises! So many poems of mine
        end in gratitude - a pattern noticed
        and appreciated.
        Gratitude arising constantly.

  6. Come to think of it
    The Wind's just like Consciousness.

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NOTE: I recently finished renovating the Point’s garage. The following poem, helped with one of Tolle’s tapes, is dedicated to that new structure.

The Temple of Consciousness

  1. The Divinity Within, a dedication.

  2. Here we learn to go beyond thoughts, beyond emotions,
        beyond sense perceptions, beyond the inner energy field,
    To the Field of Alert Stillness in which all the above arise.
    This underlying Field1 is Consciousness Itself
    Not a thought, not an object this Field is.
    It is THAT which allows that which arises
    This deeper dimension of Stillness/Presence is already there –
        thus, not a new dimension, just recognized/felt.

  3. Space to experience one’s beingness,
        a non-personal dimension,
        the personal sense of self transcending.
    Yielding the deepest fulfillment: the I AM,
        the essence of Consciousness.

  4. Finally, the death of our mental construction (ego)
        so that Consciousness in us flowers.
    Our personal awakening, of the awakening of the cosmos is part.
    From compulsive conceptualization, FREEDOM!
    Being present in this moment,
        not an interpretation of this moment making.
    Self-realization, not self-image realization!
    Ego is identified with thought; no thought, no ego.
    is being aligned with the present moment:
        accepting what is, as it is.

  5. Welcome to the Temple of Consciousness where Acceptance dwells.

  6. Yet, are we not also Consciousness in
        these walking templebodies?
    The Divinity Within manifested externally –
        Consciousness Temples2.


  1. The other day during a cranio-sacral treatment with Dr. Ron Wish, after allowing the bible-thin papered shell of my form to slowly dissolve, at first a bluish and then purplish field of energy appeared and kept expanding. I thought: "So this is the field of Consciousness!" But then I let go of that and other thoughts and allowed Consciousness to experience Itself in my form for quite a long time. How delectable! How peaceful! What Mystery!

  2. From Jesus and the Lost Goddess: the Secret Teachings of the Original Christians, by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, page 120.
    Expressing the Gnostics' distaste for the tyrannical Jewish god Jehovah, in The Gospel of John Jesus even tells the Jews that their 'Father' is not God `but the 'Devil'.
    In the same gospel, a Samaritan woman asks Jesus about the difference between the Samaritan religious law that God should be worshipped in the mountains and the Jewish law that God should be worshipped in the Temple in Jerusalem. Jesus' response encapsulates the mystical message the Christian Gnostics are using their Godman figure to proclaim:

    'The hour is coming when you will worship the Father neither in the mountains or in Jerusalem. The true worshipper worships the Father in, Consciousness and truth, for this is the worship which the Father wants. God is Consciousness and those that worship him must worship him in Consciousness and truth.'

    The Gnostic authors of the gospels portray Jesus as giving such controversial teachings that the Literalist religious authorities have him put to death. The authorities' justification is that Jesus has proclaimed himself to be the Son of God. The Gnostic claim to be the Son of God or an incarnation of God has maddened Literalists of every persuasion throughout history. For Gnostics this is the denial of the ego and the affirmation of the reality that there is nothing but God. It is absolute humility. Literalists are incapable of understanding this and hear the claim as affirming the divinity of a particular ego, which is an unacceptable affront to their own egos.

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