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  IX. The New Age Center 


i. Introduction

I. “In the Beginning…”

II. Synchronistic Webs

III. Daily Encounters

IV. Infinity’s Point

V. BodyTemple

VI. Observations

VII. Enlightenment

VIII. Alternatives

IX. The New Age Center
    The New Age Center

X. “At the End…”
    The Death of Ken Pollinger

    My Father, by Erin
   Zen Zen, by Chris Keefe
   70 Years Wisdom, by Jordan
   To Zen Ken, by Maureen

Vol. 2

XI. Enlightenment Poems

XII. Worldly Concerns

The New Age Center

  1. 1981, a birth happened.
    Yoga/meditation, the starter.
    Personal growth workshops developed.
    Practitioners galore, many seekers
    Books discussed, videos shown, healings occurred
    Questioning, questioning, questioning.
    Experiences, experiments; experiences, experiments.

  2. Openings, stuckness faced, more openings.
    Graced by a Father Bruni's hands-on-healings.
    Merkaba, sacred geometry initiations.
    Zen sittings, Kabbalistic groups, Sufi Universal
        Worship services.
    In a word , Spiritual Eclecticism - honoring
        all spiritual paths, all sacred writings.

  3. Lately, more Centers.
    New Age Movement into mainstream leavening.
    Celestine Prophesy, The Da Vinci Code,
        planetary investigations:
    UFOs, Crop Circles, Sacred Sites, Goddess Movement.
    What place channeling?1
    Angelic aspects arising.

  4. Where will it end? - if ever.
    Most recently, The Power of Now
    Simple, clear teachings based on all
        sacred writings/personal enlightenment experiences
    What next - stay open to see!

  5. Upon reflection,
        early on, quantity for the many
        and money to survive.
    Gradual evolution through different leaders
        with personal readings/experiences.
    Presently, quality for the few
        no money needed.
    Enlightenment Studies now supreme.
    Prime Teacher: Eckhart Tolle's books/tapes
        and worldwide Mystical Paths.3
    Now as emissary, to spread the Word.
    More time for one-on-one mutual sharing!


  1. See July 2003 issue of Sedona, Journal of Emergence and especially Light Technology Publishing, Books of Light Catalog.
  2. "Spiritual mastery is to live in alignment with this moment," and remember : "All forms are imperfect in this world of forms" "So, say yes to all forms."
  3. The Complete Guide to World Mysticism; The Hermetica: The Lost Wisdom of the Pharoahs; both by Timothy Freke and Pater Gandy, in addition others by them.


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  X. "At the End..." 


NOTE: On two weekends in May, "Sacred Mountain" Willie Black Cat led two incredible "sweats." On the second sweat, Grandmother Wild Flower blessed our event with her presence and song. Riding back, a poem arose.


  1. Counting the countless arisings of gratitude.
    An ever-expanding vortex of grateful energy.
    Opening the heart until almost bursting.
    Vibrational frequency rising, exquisitely intolerable

  2. Sweats at the Point.
    New seeker friends constantly arriving.
    Sharing prayers, songs, and conversation
        over foodfeasts delighting exterior and interior.
    Each expressing heartfelt thankfulness
        like thunder clouds abuilding,
    Pouring forth tears of joy and peace
        nourishing the land.

  3. Grandfather, Grandmother with smiles rejoicing,
    Their children all brothers and sisters becoming.
    Visions, healings sending,
        in song their voices heard.
    Heaven meets Earth again.

  4. The heart created for love,
    Yet Love needs the heart
        to manifest Itself.
    And manifested Itself indeed!

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The Death1 of Ken Pollinger2

  1. Even though this form before you dissolves,
    And the energy that made it function,
        to another state of Consciousness transitions,
    Rejoice with my essence and the essence of all of creation,
    For back home to return is delicious beyond words,
    Soon the essence of all of you will
        that of mine join.
    What a celebration that will be!

  2. For my beautiful, lovely wife, Maureen, gratitude arises
        and the two apples of mine eye, Jordan and Erin.
    As for friends gathered here:
    You were great mirrors of Life,
    Each and everyone had some unique aspect
        of Consciousness to shine forth.

  3. If sadness/crying is experienced,
    Some of you may yearn to have me here again.
    Consider, on a deeper level, that your yearning
        leads to the final liberation from form - 
        the final dissolvement of your personalized identification
        along with its separate unreal existence.
    Now, you can understand what joy, peace
        and love really mean.

  4. The form of Ken Pollinger came and left.
    Leaving a memory of the Divine Essence
        that was enkindled within that form.
    For it was Enlightenment that he
        constantly sought - always asking questions
        about that to you, too3.
    So, remain silent and feel together,
        the blessed presence of Awareness

  5. The pass-outs, to read, in spirit, unites us.
    A. M. D. G. - ad majorem Dei gloriam4.


  1. Is death the ultimate enlightenment? Are you ready to let your form dissolve and surrender your addiction to the Drama of Forms of this and other visible manifestations?
  2. This poem will be read at the "Death and Resurrection of Ken Pollinger" event on his 70th birthday (November 9th) at the Point of Infinity.
  3. In Ken's poem "Spiritual Evolution", he states: "To what end? Awakening Being-Consciousness in self and others."
  4. The "motto" of the Jesuits: "For the greater glory of God."

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NOTE: On the Harmonic Concordance (Nov 8) my family and a group of friends celebrated my 70th birthday - what a bash! The following poem was written by my daughter, Erin.

My Father

  1. My Father
    Truth seeker, light lover, life giver -
    The one I'll always love and never know.
    Who are you? Or are you no one?

  2. He who I tried to please more than any other,
    And do maybe still?
    Why I care so much I do not know -
    Someone once told me that our hearts
        are the same:
    Incredible wound surrounded by
        incredible love...

  3. A teacher to me unlike any other,
    He helped me to see what is real, what is true.
    He helped to guide me on my path,
        my own journey to the light.

  4. A friend, no doubt - one whom with I can
        truly be who I am and tell anything to...
        and not always without judgment -
        after all, he's human too -
    Something I tried not to see
        for most of my life.

  5. Why was I born to this man?
    He who loves me oceans and oceans and
        mountains and mountains.1
    Yet sometimes seems as if he was not
        meant to be a father at all...

  6. A little girl always wants to be the
        center of her father's life.
    It's humbling to discover that is not
        the reality.
    After the anger and sadness flow through,
        courage and contentment emerge -
    To know that we all just do the best we can
    Being a parent is the hardest job on earth...

  7. Thank you, Father, for the courage it took
        to raise me, the time you spend with me,
        the patience you've shown me, the wisdom,
        the lessons, the criticism, the poems
        so I can know you better, the support
        and unconditional love, the inspiration
        to always be true, and the space to
        be exactly who I am in each moment.

  8. I feel honored and blessed to have you
        for my father.
    Oceans and oceans and mountains and
        mountains only skims
        the surface of the depth
        of love that I have for you!
    Happy 70th Birthday!


  1. See prior poem by Ken, "Erin Elizabeth."

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Zen Zen
By Chris Keefe

  1. Ken Pollinger...
    The man, the Zen Zen, the father,
        the grandfather, the landlord, the professor,
        the scholar, and yes, the POET;
    Of all the labels and titles that have been
        connected to your being,
        the one that stands out to me most
        in my here and now is “the inquisitor1."

  2. Ken you have a relentless way about you
        to beat an issue to death.
    For many, it is probably utterly annoying.
    In the past I have felt annoyed myself,
    Yet when I look inside and see
        where the annoyance is coming from,
    I see only a shadow.
    A shadow that I own, yet I refuse to look at.
    Well, these incessant inquiries have
        caused me to look deep inside.
    Many of these times,
    I have been fortunate enough to find my truth.
    And when this truth is an ugly thing to me,
        then that is where my growth stems.
    This I see as your gift, at least to my world.

  3. I was having a conversation with you,
        five years ago, at your dinner table.
    This became but a small seed that was
        to blossom into my career as a designer.
    You were asking me questions.
    I gave you answers.
    You asked me questions about my answers and
        so on until I received a glimpse of one of my truths.
    It scared the hell out of me.
    I was getting along fine with myself and my shadow.
    I became aware that I was fooling myself
        and it made me angry and sad.
    It also made me act.
    I was no longer able to hide behind
        this shadow in comfort and oblivion.
    This has happened many times since with you,
        but this in particular has had the most
        profound effect on me.
    Ken, I thank you with all my heart.

  4. When I was 4 years old, my Father died,
        so I grew up without a male role model and
        the understanding of the potential of masculine guidance.
    Over the past seven years,
    I have witnessed your connection
        with both Jordan and Erin.
    I have experienced your compassion,
        your relentless support, unconditional love,
        unquestionable trust, even your harsh judgments,
        and your unwillingness to yield.
    Throughout this time I have felt absolute gratitude towards you,
        for you have extended all this and more unto me,
        I really can’t tell you how much this has meant to me.
    I only wish that I could be there myself and tell you in person.
    This is a special day for you.
    It is not everyday that you get to die and be reborn again.2
    With these words, I send my love, a bit of my spirit,
    and my thanks for all you have done for me and my family.

  5. Happy Rising Day Ken!


  1. Was it Socrates or Plato who said: "An unexamined life is not worth living"? Both were great Pagan Mystics much more than intellectual philosophers, see Jesus and the Lost Goddess: the Secret Teachings of the Original Christians, by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy.
  2. See the poem "The Death of Ken Pollinger."

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70 Years of Wisdom,
From '71, Father to Son
by Jordan

MOTIVATION CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS (or at least large stones) I remember the Great Excavation Project of 1 S. Broadway, all those boxes full of dirt. When we came upon stones the size of British cars, I though that you had surely gone mad. Yet you had us chipping away and even digging around them with our hands until they were free, and a bookstore has thrived in their place ever since.

KEEP YOUR EYES (and mind) OPEN Or how else would you have discovered the New Age Center? Or, for that matter, yourself?

WORK TO BETTER THE COMMUNITY at home and abroad. As you served in Peru, I did so in Namibia ... As you researched and wrote (a book dedicated to J.J.) about the poor of New York, I provide microfinance to the same community, 30 years later.

IT HELPS TO BE GOOD LOOKING a.k.a. Bald is Beautiful. Speaking about following in your footsteps (ahem) ... what more is there to say?

BE ENTHUSIASTIC & the skeptics can be won over. Despite my (occasional) resistance, I love your enthusiasm for place, people and ideas. When I have to convince others, I think of how you've sold us on Nyack, Ellenville, and points beyond.

HEALTH COMES FIRST (and is fun) I remember little Erin and I pounding on you back with sides of our hands massage style. I couldn't help think that it would hurt, but then our hands were small (and you back strong) ... You are the inspiration for my love of hiking -- since our Hook Mountain treks I've thought hiking the best exercise for my body and soul.

SOMETIMES JUST BE (there) You taught me the value of just being, from at least the time I was six and suffering in the hospital. You've given me the ability to maintain perspective in dealing with life's disappointments.

GET SOME LIGHT ON THE BODY and in the mind. As you used to sit out at Silver Lake, one of my favorite things is to read something enlightening while tanning in the summer sun.

DON'T BE AFRAID TO TRY NEW THINGS (within reason) We fondly remember your "wok" cooking, where chicken became, well ... something else.

DON'T STOP EXPLORING, everything is an adventure. I recall how routine trip to Camp Sloane turned into a madcap search across Connecticut for geodesic dome manufacturers. I admire your constant starting (and finishing!) new projects.

Don't stop searching, Dad, as I await more wisdom ... not that you've not given me enough!

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To Zen Ken
A Birthday Limerick
by Maureen

  1. There is a wise elder named Ken
    Who's path and who's nick-name is Zen
    His life is truth-seeking
    (That's not for the weakling)
    He writes it all down with his pen.

  2. A full seven decades on earth
    In spite of his widening girth
    He still remains youthful
    (And sometimes too truthful)
    And bright as the day of his birth.

  3. It seems Ken has reached the conclusion
    Truth seeking is fraught with confusion
    As he does his best
    To fulfill his life quest
    He then says it all an illusion.

  4. Though bowing to gurus seems smart
    Ken says it will split you apart.
    He will argue and quibble
    That gurus are dribble
    Truth, Ken says, lies deep in your heart.

Your Loving Wife and Goddess

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