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  The Stone Circle  
of the Tuatha de Danaan
The Children of Danu

Stone Circles

Stone Circles abound in the countryside of Celtic Europe.  Build by unknown peoples many hundreds of years before the arrival of the Celts, these circles were undoubtedly adopted and used by Celtic Druids as places in which to honor the gods and goddesses, and to celebrate nature.

The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids - largest Druid Order in the world - has joined with the New Age Center of Nyack, NY to create a Stone Circle on the grounds of Point of Infinity, near Ellenville, NY.  On the night of Samhain, 1999, and on the following Saturday, the Circle was dedicated with special rituals and consecrated in the name of the Tuatha de Danna (too'-ha jay da'-nahn) Children of the Goddess Danu.  The Tuatha were the people of the last of the Five Invasions of Ireland, and make up almost the complete Irish Celtic pantheon.

The Circle is laid out to the compass directions, with the four main direction stones at East, South, West and North.  There are four gates at the cross-quarters, NE, SE, SW, NW.

The Stones

The East Stone is dedicated to Aonghus Og (ah' nish ogg), the God of Youth, Herald of Spring, and Champion of Love.

The South Stone is dedicated to Boinn (boy'-inn), Mother of Aonghus, and wife of the Daghdha (day'-a), the All-Father.  Boinn is Goddess of Fertility and of Cattle.  She is magically associated with the Moon and all its phases.

The West Stone is dedicated to Manannan macLir (man-an-awn mack leer'), Champion of the Tuatha de Danaan, God of the Sea and Lord of the Otherworld.

The North Stone is dedicated to Brighid (bree'-uit, or breed), "The High Exalted One," Triple Goddess of the Forge and Hearth Fires, Poetry, and Healing.

Using the Circle

The Circle of the Tuatha de Danaan was built by the Bear Mountain Seed Group of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids as a gift to the Point of Infinity.  It may always be used for private meditation when not scheduled for rituals.  Formal rituals may be scheduled with Point of Infinity/New Age Center office at (845) 358-6448.  In any case, always respect the silence, solitude, and sanctity of these Stones.

Formal Rituals (call for information)


Alban Eiler (Spring Equinox)


Alban Heruin (Summer Solstice)


Alban Elued (Autumn Equinox)


Alban Arthuan (Winter Solstice)


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