to Awareness Center of Costa Rica

1. Fly from anywhere in the world to San Jose International Airport, not Liberia. If flying from N.Y., N.J. or Connecticut, take Continental or other from Newark, NJ. Flight leaves about 8 am. Cost: round-trip, about $375-425, depending, for round-trip and direct.

Another possibly less expensive alternative is to fly into Ft. Lauderdale and then fly Spirit Air to San Jose. You need to compare, fare with stopovers and maybe lodging.

2. Depending upon the time of your arrival at Alaquela, you may want to continue immediately or possibly stay over one night close by
where you landed. Our Center is about 3-4 MORE hours after you land and pass through customs. Our least expensive lodging is: Margarita's
Guest House (2441-1464 or 2430-3074), with a great family food dinner and breakfast included! Only $25 per person/nite--about $4 from
airport and only 10 minutes. OR, see Frommers Costa Rica for more expensive lodging.

Once in a taxi, ask the driver to call 2441-1464 or 2430-3074 for specific directions to her house (opposite the Residencial La Giralda)

3. If taking the early flights and arriving about 11-12 at Alaquela (the airport is NOT in San Jose but in Alaquela with San Jose about
1/2 hour away), and desiring to continue immediately, you have two major options:

a) the Coastal Route to Dominical, or
b) the Mountain Route to San Isidro.

If renting a car , a 4 x 4 car is necessary for either route and to travel on the nonpaved roads of CR.
If NOT renting a car, two more options:

a) THE PREFERRED WAY: To Domincal via Coastal route, take Easy Ride Shuttle Service( 2253-4444 or 8812-4012), a minibus that holds 8
people and 2 bags each (extra $5 for each added bag) for ONLY $45. Leaves twice daily: 9:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Email: BUT MAKE SURE the Coastal road is open!! They will have a sign for you with EASY RIDE as you leave the airport and will take you to Arena Y Sol Cabinas in Dominical where we would pick you up (only 15 minutes away)

b) To San Isidro via the Mountain route,. Take a taxi to MUSOC Bus station (222-2422) NOT the Musoc Hotel, (about $20 and about 30
minutes, depending on time of day and traffic).

4. At bus station, purchase one way ticket with seat assignment to San Isidro del General for about $5-6. The bus leaves every hour--a GREAT ride over the "Mountain of the Dead" and takes about 3 hours, with one stop midway for local food, and bathroom stop.

5. Arriving at MUSOC bus station in San Isidro, a few options are available (depending on where you are headed):

a) For our Center, someone could pick you up (but you need to call from Musoc after purchasing ticket us to let us know the time of
arrival--use someone's cell phone at the bus station--they are VERY friendly: our number: 8567-3424). Our Center is about one hour from
San Isidro, near Dominical.

b) You could rent a car in San Isidro (4 x 4 only, please) for your stay in the southern part of Costa Rica.
Recommended: Rioja Rent a Car (2772-3929 or cell: 8378-0470, English spoken); email:
Then head out to Domincal and follow the directions to the Awareness Center on the Costa Rica Flyer on my website.

7. Returning: Reverse the steps above, but you need to purchase Musoc bus tickets in advance; or the Easy Ride reservations in advance in
Dominical at Arena Y Sol Cabinas. Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

8. There is also the possibility of flying from San Jose to Quepos and we pick you up. More complex but doable, and more expensive.

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