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New Age Center Yoga Studio--2nd Floor
    One South Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960
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 Yoga Teacher Training 
 Certification Program 



Sample of a Yoga Class with Master Yoga Teacher Paula Heitzner (above)

The aims of this program are simple:

1. To prepare people who want to teach yoga to do so as expertly, efficiently, and effectively as possible.

2. To foster a love for yoga and its teachings in all those who will, in turn, share their knowledge.

3. To engender heartfelt respect and gratitude for the art, philosophy, and science of the system we call yoga.

The program will offer and explore the various styles and schools of yoga.  Classes are held during a wide range of times, making the program accessible to all.  With mutual agreement established in advance, private teaching sessions will be held with program participants and will be mandatory for certification, as well as intensives and YTA (Yoga Teachers Association) workshops.

Yours in Yoga,

Paula Heitzner
Master Teacher

Once you enroll in the New Age Center's Yoga Teacher Training & Certification Program (YTTCP), you will receive:


A 16-page student manual


A 7-page student portfolio


A tooth/muscle chart


A list of all taught yoga postures


17 pages of information on the 7 chakras


A 66 page book Kripalu Hatha Yoga and on-going hand-outs and information.

About Paula Heitzner, our Master Teacher:
Paula Heitzner is a Master Yoga Teacher.  During the past 35 years she has trained others to teach the time-honored principles, practices and philosophy of Yoga.  Pauls is a certified advanced Kripalu Yoga teacher and is skilled in Iyengar, Siddha, Integral, Kundalini, Sivananda, Bikran and Ashtanga Yoga.  She has studied, in depth, western mind/body modalities including Reichain Work, Alexander, Ideo-Kinesis, Polarity, Bio-Energetics, and Continuum.  Her classes are a synergy of East and West.

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