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Spiritual Poetry
Confessions of an Ex-Jesuit,
3 vols.


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Over 30 years of spiritual service.
have arrived at:

Ken Pollinger, PhD

Three NEW websites have summarized much of the info contained in this older
rambling website. Please review these first as many changes have been made and these THREE have the latest CORRECT info: (in Nyack) (in the Catskills) (in Costa Rica)

However, there is still much valuable info herein, much of it HISTORICAL.

* * *

The New Age Center is a Holistic Center in Nyack, New York. It offers yoga, yoga teacher certification program, meditation, a variety of other classes and personal growth workshops. Point Of Infinity is a rural 38-acre Catskill Sanctuary & Awareness Center near Ellenville, New York. Another Awareness Center in Costa Rica was established and developed. Growthworks is a Printed Brochure and Online Directory of Transformational Experiences and Practitioners in the Lower Hudson Valley. Nirvana Bookstore contains metaphysical/spiritual books, audios, videos and more. The New Age University is a Graduated Path for Spiritual Self-Study and The Institute for Evolutionary Creationism was established for exploring Evolutionary-Creationism Theories. Additionally Sweetpea Market, a Natural Foods Market and Whole Foods Deli is found in The New Age Center Building. The New Age Annex offers dance, aerobics, belly dancing, martial arts and other programs. The Temple of Consciousness, dedicated to the Divinity Within, was recently established at the Point of Infinity.

The New Age Center Buildings
(the first two buildings from the corner)

South Broadway & Main Street corner

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