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To Point of Infinity Participants:

Please visit our website: & click onto Point of Infinity to see our photo gallery, directions, maps and more. If you have any questions, our e-mail address is (Please feel free to join our e-mail database of 3500 names)

What We Provide:

       Excellent filtered drinking well water (reverse osmosis)

       2 Refrigerators for storing food (plus full kitchen supplies)

       Approximately 20 mattresses, futons, 4 foam beds, and lots of foam padding for sleeping bags

       Plenty of heat. The Main House has 3 separate zones for heating. Heating in 2 log cabins.

       In-house: 2 bathrooms; and in 2 seasonal outdoor bathhouses, there are showers (hot/cold water), toilets, and sinks

       Large fireplace with lots of wood

       Property maps for walking the nature trials (38 acres)

       40 chairs in Main House; 20 in Temple of Consciousness

       Stereo with CD & VCR built-in Video Set

       Lists and maps of nearby restaurants (full range of prices), supermarkets (with organic food)

       Free domestic phone calls. Phone cards for international calls.

       Sacred spaces for ceremonies:

       50' Druid Stone Circle

       50' American Indian Medicine Wheel

       American Indian Sweatlodges

       22' Sioux Tipi

       14 Geodesic Dome

       Information on nearby points of interest, e.g. Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, Sam's Point with Crystal Cave, etc.

What You Need to Bring:

       Sleeping Bag

       or 2 sheets, pillow, pillow case & towels

       Toiletries (no hair blowers)

       Extra blanket

       Insect repellent

       Notebook & pens

       Personal books

       Ear plugs for snorers

       Slippers or warm socks in the cold season

       Flash light (very important to read road signs at night & for night hiking)

       Walking clothes, shoes & hat

       Possible rainwear, if weather demands it

A Warm Welcome!

Ken Pollinger, Ph.D.

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